Single Size Pack 800 Pieces (100 x 100 x 40-70 mm)

8.8m2 / 800 pack
Per m² £90.99 per m²inc VAT £75.82 per m²ex VAT
£800.71inc VAT £667.26ex VAT
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Edging Setts 200 Pieces (100 x 100 x 40-70 mm)

2.2m2 / 200 pack
Per m² £135.99 per m²inc VAT £113.32 per m²ex VAT
£299.18inc VAT £249.32ex VAT
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1 x Sample

0.02m2 / 1 sample
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Product Summary

Indian Light Grey Sandstone (Kandla Grey) Setts are square hand-cut stone paving blocks ideal for driveways, paths, borders and edging. These light grey natural sandstone setts with grey & silver highlights have a light riven surface. They are generally installed on a mortar laying course, especially when used as driveway block paving. These setts (often referred to as cobbles) have a traditional "Belgium Block" pavé square format, being sized at approximately 100 x 100 mm with a variable depth of 40 - 70 mm. They can be laid in either a stack bond or stretcher bond configuration, aligned either perpendicular or at 45 degrees to the datum.

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Key features

  • Cobbled Driveways - these fossil setts are ideal for creating traditional looking driveways or carriageways. They are perfect for courtyards, mews and other stable block like areas too.
  • Garden Pathways - setts are ideal for creating winding, undulating pathways with rustic charm through the garden as well as paved areas where a cobbled appearance is desired
  • Patio Borders - setts can also provide an attractive border to patio paving or driveways, often used to add a complimentary contrast to the main paving colour
  • Style - Riven setts with handcut edges for a rustic / weathered appearance
  • Durable - Sandstone is hardwearing and long lasting
  • Natural - colour variation of individual paving blocks will vary when viewed individually
  • Laying Comments - Setts must be laid on a full wet bed of mortar. We strongly advise an SBR or Priming Slurry are used to enhance strength, adhesion and lifetime
  • Colour - Light Grey / Dove Grey
Product details

Cobblestone Driveway Blocks

Light Grey Sandstone Settsare equally ideal for creating driveway paving or ideal for creating winding and undulating pathways with rustic charm through the garden. These sandstone setts are natural stone block paving that is honed and worked by masons into a squarish traditional pavé or cobblestone format, making them ideal for a wide range of paving applications:

  • Driveways
  • Edging & borders
  • Pathways and path

Single Size Paving Setts

These sandstone cobble paving blocks are sold in two formats of single size pack:

  • Full Pack - 100 x 100 mm (Qty 800 blocks)
  • Edging Pack - 100 x 100 mm (Qty 200 blocks)

The full size pack is designed for driveway paving and garden pathway projects, whereas the edging pack is designed to provide 20 linear metres of edging stone setts to add inlay or edge course designs to your paving or pathways.

Riven and Hand-Cut Block Paving

These light grey Indian sandstone blocks are hewn with a natural riven surface and have hand-cut edges, created by our expect masons. Each stone is unique, both in the colour and pattern of the stone itself, but also in the nature of its surface finish and artisinal shape.

Natural Stone Driveway Paving

These sandstone setts a suitable for driveway paving and will provide a beautiful rustic and charming kerb-side appeal to your home. The riven stone with its natural colouring and variation will make for an appealing driveway surface that provides a traditional cobblestone look and feel. This makes them pefect for period roperties, plus rustic country cottages and barn conversion, and a host of other rural and historic buildings, where their old-world charm and character will be perfectly suited.

Stone Garden Paths

Upgrade and celebrate you garden paths and walkways some rustic appeal and charm with natural stone. These cobblestone setts with their small form factor are ideals for winding paths and undulating terrain, whilst providing great aesthetics and natural charm.

Borders & Edging

The appearance of any space is often determined by the details. Setts are ideal for creating harmonious or juxtaposed visual elements that pull together or contrast against their surroundings. Traditionally they've been used for borders and edging to create contrast between areas and to distinguish the functions of paved spaces (e.g. seating areas from dining areas).

Installation Advice

These sandstone setts should be laid on a full bed of mortar (5:1 cement mix) and we recommend either priming slurry or an SBR additive are used to aid bonding and help prevent rising moisture. The mortar bed (laying course) should be 50 mm in depth and should sit on a 100 mm sub-base (150 mm for driveways) of compacted MOT Type-1 hardcore. Pointing can be done with traditional mortar, but we recommend using a expoxy based jointing compound (such as Pointfix) as this will be quicker, easier and offer better performance and longevity.

  Single Size Pack 800 Pieces (100 x 100 x 40-70 mm) 1 x Sample Edging Setts 200 Pieces (100 x 100 x 40-70 mm)
No. of Pieces 800 1 200
Pack Coverage (m²) 8.8 0.02 2.2
Range Stone Setts Paving Stone Setts
Prod Type Stone Block Paving Sample Stone Block Paving
Material Sandstone Sandstone Sandstone
Finish Riven N/A Riven
Finish (Edge) Tumbled Edge N/A Hand Cut
Colour Light Grey N/A Light Grey
Colour Group Grey Grey
Dimension (W) 100 100
Dimension (H) 100 100
Dimension (D) 40-70mm 40-70mm
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents 100 x 100 Sample M/PACK
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack Sample Mini Pack
Pack Description

100mm x 100mm Qty 800

1 x sample

100mm x 100mm Qty 200

Pieces Description pack sample pack

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