Single Size Pack 450 Pieces (200 x 100 x 50 mm)

9m2 / 450 Blocks
Per m² £98.99 per m²inc VAT £82.49 per m²ex VAT
£890.91inc VAT £742.42ex VAT
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Contractor Pack 450 Pieces (Mixed Sizes)

10.5m2 / 450 Blocks
Per m² £98.99 per m²inc VAT £82.49 per m²ex VAT
£1,039.40inc VAT £866.17ex VAT
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1 x Sample (200 x 100 mm Slip)

0.02m2 / 1 sample
Per m² £299.50 per m²inc VAT £249.58 per m²ex VAT
£5.99inc VAT £4.99ex VAT
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Product Summary

These Kadapha natural black limestone paving blocks are ideal for driveway paving, garden paving, edges and borders. They are referred to as “Black Kadapha'' as they will initially appear very dark when wet (or treated with a black limestone sealer). However, if left untreated and allowed to mellow and bleach in the sun’s UV light, they will fade to a lighter, silvery grey tone. So you have the choice between two beautiful aesthetics - an aged and weathered “pewter” like appearance or the stronger, dark grey/black when treated with black stone sealer akin to the tone of onyx or basalt.

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Key features

  • Black Limestone Blocks - choose between a treated "black" appearance or a "pewter/silvery grey" naturally weathered appearance with these dark grey natural limestone paving blocks.
  • Garden / Driveway Paving - These natural stone blocks are ideal for garden and driveway paving
  • Style - suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings these blocks have a light textured surface and tumbled edges
  • Options - Available as a mixed size pack (200mm x 150mm, 150mm x 150mm, 150mm x 100mm) and single size pack (200mm x 100mm)
  • Durable - limestone is very hard-wearing and long lasting
  • Natural - beautiful rich tapestry of natural stone with varying hues and textures ensures that your driveway will look unique
  • Laying Comments - can be laid on a screeded sand and be jointed with kiln dried jointing sand
  • Sealant - we always recommend using Pavestone Black Stone Rejuvenator Sealer with black limestone products to protect their colour from sun-bleaching
Product details

Black Limestone Block Paving

Black limestone is a popular choice of stone for paving as it offers many benefits. To start with, you essentially have two choices of colour depending on whether you treat it or not - rich dark grey/black or weathered-aged pewter/silvery. The surface finish of limestone is also a preference for many people, being soft-riven with fewer and shallower ridges and seams when compared to sandstone. The surface often will have a characteristic “orange peel” texture which looks great and is pleasant to touch. Black limestone is very cost-effective, providing these great aesthetics with hard-wearing and durable properties, whilst still being reasonably priced.

Block Characteristics

These stone blocks are light-riven, meaning the surface ridges left when the stone is hewn are slight and gentle. The blocks are calibrated to 50mm depth (ideal for domestic driveways) and are sawn for consistent sizing and tumbled to soften the edges. This limestone is selected for its quality and is a high grade stone, meaning it is harder and stronger.

Indian Natural Stone

Our Black Kadapha is quarried in India from deep limestone beds where higher quality and harder stone is present. It is selected and processed by our expert team of quarrymen and masons to produce these beautiful natural stone blocks.

Driveway Paving & Paths

These paving blocks are 50mm deep, so they are ideal for driveways and can be used for domestic parking areas and access paths. Because blocks have a smaller format that slabs they are also ideal for garden paths, especially when it might twist or turn and the ability to change orientation without having to make cuts is helpful.

Decorative Paving

Stone block paving is often used to create decorative paving for garden features, whether that be small circular seating areas, paving around water features or sundials, or decorative geometric patterns, circles, fans or swirls to give your garden design some flair and individuality.

Borders and Edging

Garden design is heavily reliant on borders to define space, create contrast or draw the eye in specific directions. These blocks are great for garden edging and borders. A tried and tested design approach is to select blocks that offer contrast to the surface adjacent to the border.


If you want to go for the “black limestone” appearance, then you can use specially formulated black stone sealer that will ensure your Black Kadapha looks black. Alternatively, if you like the current colour and shade of your blocks, you can seal them with a natural finish sealant that will leave them looking similar. If you are unsure of what finish you want, we recommend applying sealants to an unlaid block on the side/underside to give you a preview of the final appearance so you can decide if that’s what you like.

Installation Notes

Paving blocks can be installed all year around. Generally you are laying block paving on a hardcore subbase with sharp sand bedding layer, so it can be laid in colder weather as there is no bedding mortar to be hindered by frost.

You’ll need the following materials:

  • Subbase - Type 1 MOT Hardcore (150mm compacted)
  • Bedding Layer - sharp sand (50mm screed)
  • Jointing - kiln dried sand
  Contractor Pack 450 Pieces (Mixed Sizes) Single Size Pack 450 Pieces (200 x 100 x 50 mm) 1 x Sample (200 x 100 mm Slip)
No. of Pieces 450 450 1
Pack Coverage (m²) 10.5 9 0.02
Range Stone Blocks Stone Blocks Paving
Prod Type Stone Block Paving Stone Block Paving Sample
Material Limestone Limestone Sandstone
Finish Light Riven Light Riven N/A
Finish (Edge) Tumbled Edge Tumbled Edge N/A
Colour Dark Grey Dark Grey N/A
None Black Black
Dimension (W) Varies 200 200
Dimension (H) Varies 100 100
None 50 50
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents C/PACK 200 x 100 Sample
Pack Sold As Contractor Pack Single Size Pack Sample
Pack Description

200 x 150 Qty 150 150 x 150 Qty 150 100 x 150 Qty 150

200 x 100 Qty Qty 450

1 x sample

Pieces Description Blocks Blocks sample

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