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Circular Paving Kits & Patio Circles

Our selection of circle paving kits and paving features can be used to create a focal point within a paved area and are often used to highlight a seated area for relaxation or entertaining. We offer both natural stone and concrete circular paving slabs.

Circular Paving Kits & Patio Circles
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Circular Paving Kits

We stock both natural stone and concrete circle paving to help you create the perfect outdoor area. You can purchase the circle feature on its own, or add the matching squaring off kit around the edges for a more traditional shape. Alternatively, our Provencal Ellipse feature is a unique alternative to circular paving features and is made in an oval shape.

Our natural stone circular paving features are available in six colours - Golden Brown, Golden Yellow, Golden Fossil, Brown, Orange, and Light Grey. Each slab is unique in colour, creating a tapestry of different tones.

Our concrete circular paving features come in four different colours - Light Yellow, Dark Golden, Light Golden, and Grey. Concrete is less susceptible to weathering than natural stone and has a smaller chance of ageing and changing colour over time.