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Circular Paving Kits & Patio Circles

Our selection of paving circle kits and paving features can be used to create a focal point within a patio or terrace. They and are often used to highlight a seated area for relaxation or entertaining, or as a surround for an ornamental feature, such as a sundial or fountain. We offer both natural stone and concrete circular paving slabs.

Circular Paving Kits & Patio Circles
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Circular Paving Kits

We stock both natural stone and concrete circle paving to help you create the perfect outdoor area. You can purchase the circle feature on its own, or add the matching squaring off kit around the edges for a more traditional shape. Alternatively, our Provencal Ellipse feature is a unique alternative to circular paving features and is made in an oval shape.

Sandstone Paving Circles

Our natural stone circular paving features are available in five colour blends: Golden Fossil (cream/honey/ gold), Buff (mustard/gold/tan), Modak (salmon/tangerine/rust), Raj Blend (chestnut/sepia/sienna) and Light Grey (dove/pewter/steel). Each slab is unique, with differences in colour and pattern, creating a one-off tapestry of varying tones.

These paving circles kits are available in three formats of 1-ring, 2-rings, and 3-rings of segmented stones around a round-stone centre. Each paving circle has a matching squaring-off kit that allows you to easily join the circle into a surrounding patio of the same stone.

Concrete Paving Circles

Our concrete circular paving features come in four different colours - Cream, Buff, Gold and Grey. Concrete offer more uniform colouring and patterns than natural stone, so allows you to more easily control the look and feel of your paving. These paving circle kits are available in one size format with a matching squaring-off kit.

Easily Create Garden Paving Features

Create a garden that stands out with elegant focal points, whether you desire a classic or contemporary look. Our Paving Circle and Squaring-Off Kits are perfect for crafting stunning features such as patios, courtyards, and mesmerizing pathways. The interplay of colours, textures, and shapes allows for garden designs that reflect your unique style.

What sets these circular patio kits apart is their time-saving and user-friendly installation. Each pre-cut component is designed for easy assembly, eliminating the need for intricate measurements and cutting, and avoiding unnecessary wastage and off-cuts. Whether you're a seasoned landscaper or a DIY enthusiast, you'll appreciate the convenience and precision our kits offer.

These hard landscaping kits are perfect for adding structure and elegance to your outdoor space, making your garden a true extension of your home. Explore our range of Paving Circle and Squaring-Off Kits, and let your landscaping aspirations flourish with the beauty of natural stone and the ease of pre-cut designs.

Round Paving Slabs

In addition to paving circles, we also offer a range of round paving slabs (circle centrepiece stones) that can be used in conjunction with surrounding setts to create circular paving features, or they can be used stand-alone as stepping stones or as bases for pots and vases etc.  There are many uses for these circular paving slabs, so why not see how you can incorporate them into your garden designs.