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Paving Accessories

Our range of paving accessories and essentials are scientifically advanced and proven to protect, maintain and clean natural stone paving, concrete paving and indoor flooring. 

Paving Accessories
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Types of Paving Accessory

There are essentially two categories of paving accessory - those used during installation such as priming slurry, jointing compounds and sealers and those used after installation to maintain or restore your paving such as cleaner and enhancers.

Paving Installation

We offer a range of aggregates, jointing products, primers, cleaners and sealers needed for the three different types of paving installation:

  • slabs/flagstones
  • block paving
  • porcelain paving


We offer a range of aggregate products in either weatherproof bags or bulk bag formats including hardcore, washed ballast, sharp sand, builders’ sand & cement - everything you’ll need for your paving project.

Jointing & Grouting

Whether you are laying wide-jointed traditional flagstones with tumbled or hand-cut edges or close-jointed contemporary straight-edge slabs, we offer a range of coloured grouts and jointing compounds that will provide you with the right look and feel, exceptional performance and easy installation.


Pavestone has a range of cleaning products for patios and driveways including more specialist formulas designed specifically for tackling black spots, algae, rust stains and efflorescence. We also have cleaners used during installation to remove grout, cement and resin residue from your paving.

Sealers & Colour Enhancers

Natural stone paving is porous (to varying degrees depending on the type of stone) and if left unprotected, patio paving might be marred by a range of environmental hazards such as wine, oil, grease, leaves/foliage/fruit and weathering (rain, sun, freeze-thaw). So we recommend using an appropriate paving sealer to help maintain and protect your patio and keeping it looking as good as the day you laid it. Choose between natural finish and colour enhancing sealers.