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Paving Cleaners

During paving installation some residual marking from mortar, grout or jointing compound is common, so having the right cleaners to remove these blemishes is essential. Likewise, during the lifetime of a patio or driveway, it is inevitable that some environmental elements will stain or mark your paving, so our range of paving cleaners is designed to tackle the most common issues.

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Types of Paving Cleaners

We have three types of paving cleaners - general-purpose cleaners designed for patio slabs and driveway blocks - maintenance cleaners designed to tackle lifetime/environmental staining - and installation cleaners designed to address typical residues that can blemish your paving when it is being laid.

Driveway & Patio Cleaners

Our spray-on cleaners are designed to solve common issues like removing stubborn, ground-in dirt and grime, providing a deep clean that removes organic soiling and helps prevent regrowth without all the scrubbing! We have products specifically formulated for patio cleaning (slabs) and driveway cleaning (block).

Specific Stain Removal

There are some common blemishes that need more tailored cleaning products with the right chemical composition and active agents to remove marking and stains such as rust, black spot, algae mould and efflorescent salts. We offer these specific cleaners to make removing these types of stains and marks an easy job.

Installation Cleaners

When installing and pointing paving it is common to have cement/mortar, grout and sometimes resin residues left on your slabs or blocks. Using a cleaner designed to remove one of these particular residues (cement, grout polymer, resin and epoxy) will make your life much easier.