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Moodul Walling

Moodul Walling is a contemporary modular building block, innovatively designed to allow the creation of stunning features in your garden. Moodul adds a new dimension to your landscaping project and building with Moodul is as simple as child's play.

Moodul Walling
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Per m² face £405.99inc VAT £338.32ex VAT
Per pack £702.36inc VAT £585.30ex VAT
Per linear metre from £45.99inc VAT £38.32ex VAT
Per pack from £239.97inc VAT £199.97ex VAT
Per linear metre from £45.99inc VAT £38.32ex VAT
Per pack from £239.97inc VAT £199.97ex VAT

We stock a range of stunning Moodul Walling from Pavestone. You can create a unique patio area by installing Moodul walling, and transform your space. You can also use it to create a firepit, or build a water feature.

Choose the Black Moodul Walling for crisp edges and a contemporary look. The modular system is designed to facilitate outdoor living and is perfect for creating an barbecue area.

We also sell Black Moodul Cover Stones, which can be layered on top of each other to create features, walls, planters and much more.

For more information about our range of Moodul Walling, contact us today.