Pointfix Grey (Single 12kg Tub)

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Pointfix Brown (Single 12kg Tub)

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Pointfix Buff (Single 12kg Tub)

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Pointfix Black (Single 12kg Tub)

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Pointfix Mushroom (Single 12kg Tub)

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Product Summary

Pointfix - This all weather jointing compound is perfect for all types of natural stone and concrete paving. Available in five colours: black, brown, buff, grey and mushroom.

Please be aware that Pointfix can sometimes have a slight ammonia like odour - this is normal.

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Key features

  • All Weather - Our epoxy jointing compound can be used even when it's wet
  • Easy to use - no specialist tools
  • Quick - fast application and finishing with quick curing
  • No Waste - only mix what you need
  • Non-staining - does not leave stains or colouration on paving
  • Prevents Weeds - inhibits weed growth in your paving joints
  • Pet Friendly - safe for your pets
  • Colour - five available colours (black, brown, buff, grey and mushroom)
Product details

Pointfix is a superior two pack multi-use jointing and repair compound. One pack contains epoxy resin within the compound and the other epoxy hardener. Once mixed the jointing compound cures to create a permanent hard jointing material.

Mixing and applying Pointfix is much cleaner and easier than traditional sand and cement mortar. Pointfix is specifically designed for pointing and infilling between many types of surfaces including concrete paving, natural stone paving, brickwork and stonework.

If it rains, or is forecast to rain, completing a traditional pointing project can become a major problem. Pointfix eliminates this problem as it can be applied even when the paving or bricks are wet and you can even carry on pointing when it rains.


Pointfix Compound
Pointfix Compound

All Weather Epoxy Jointing Compound

  • Use even when wet
  • No specialist tools
  • Fast application
  • No waste - only mix what you need
  • Simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • Quick curing
  • Non staining
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces even when raining
  • Prevents weed growth
  • Pet friendly

For additional technical information, please refer to the label on the reverse of the Pointfix tub

Available in 5 colours
Pavestone Pointfix comes in five shades to perfectly complement any paving colour. The 50/50 mixing ratio means you only need to mix what is needed, cutting down on waste.

Pointfix equal measures

Step 1. Open both packs & measure equal quantities of each.

Mix 50/50 Ratio

Step 2. Mix the 50/50 ratio until uniform in colour.

Sprinkle Pointfix mixture

Step 3. Sprinkle Pointfix mixture over the area to be pointed.

Brush into gaps between paving

Step 4. With a soft brush/broom, push Pointfix mixture into the gaps.

Compact firmly into joints

Step 5. Compact the surface to give it a clean flat finish.

Refill if necessary with small soft brush

Step 6. Refill, if necessary, using a small soft hand brush.

Compact surface for clean flat finish

Step 7. Compact firmly into joints using a jointing tool.

Brush off any excess

Step 8. Finally, brush off any excess, sit back and enjoy your patio!

  Pointfix Grey (Single 12kg Tub) Pointfix Brown (Single 12kg Tub) Pointfix Buff (Single 12kg Tub) Pointfix Black (Single 12kg Tub) Pointfix Mushroom (Single 12kg Tub)
No. of Pieces 1 1 1 1 1
Range Pavestone Pavestone Pavestone Pavestone Pavestone
Prod Type Jointing Compound Jointing Compound Jointing Compound Jointing Compound Jointing Compound
Colour Grey Brown Buff Black Mushroom
Colour Group Grey Brown Buff Black Beige
Material Pointfix Pointfix Pointfix Pointfix Pointfix
Finish N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Finish (Edge) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Pack Contents Tub 12kg (Grey) Tub 12kg (Brown) Tub 12kg (Buff) Tub 12kg (Black) Tub 12kg (Mushroom)
Pack Sold As Individual Unit Individual Unit Individual Unit Individual Unit Individual Unit
Pack Description

1 x 12kg tub

1 x 12kg tub

1 x 12kg tub

1 x 12kg tub

1 x 12kg tub

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