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Concrete Blocks

Order concrete blocks for house building and construction online at Paving Direct. Also known as breeze blocks, we offer a range of types including dense, medium dense, hollow and foundation blocks, as well as course-adjusting bricks. All of our concrete blocks are Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) that comply with BS EN 771-3 construction block standards and are rated for the D1 tolerance category.

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Concrete Block Types

We offer a range of commonly used concrete blocks (a.k.a. breeze blocks) used for construction projects and housebuilding. These include:

Dense Concrete Block

High quality, robust and load-bearing standard concrete blocks used in the majority of application and is suitable for use above and below damp-proof course (DPC) level.

Medium Dense Concrete Block

These blocks provide a good balance between strength and weight - important for manual handling and labour efficiency. They are great for rendering or plastering and can be used with dry line plasterboards.

Hollow Concrete Block

These blocks are designed to provide swift and cost-effective building of walls. Cores are able to be filled with reinforced bars and poured concrete.

Course Adjusting  Bricks

Ideal for infill and wall adjustments, saving time avoiding cutting full-sized blocks. They are available in both Dense and Medium Dense versions.

Our blocks are manufactured at our factory in Burford, Oxfordshire in the Cotswolds using sustainable methods and we have an "Excellent" rating from BREEAM for our environmental standards and processes.

Breeze Blocks = CMU

Often referred to as Breeze Blocks in the UK, the CMU blocks are the most widely used building block. Traditionally manufactured with low-cost filler materials such as ash/cinder, construction blocks are now manufactured using lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) balls.

In the UK breeze was historically used as a synonym for ash/cinder - so in the UK we often call them “Breeze Blocks”, whereas, in the United State, they are often called “Cinder Blocks”. Their actual official name is CMU (Concrete Masonry Units) and they are specified in BS EN 771-3 to conform to UK building regulations.

Full Loads & Half Loads

We supply concrete blocks to a range of different customer types, from bricklaying and brickwork contracting companies to housing developers and home builders, and to individual homeowners too. So no matter what size of your building project, we're here to help.

Our pricing is based on a "delivered" price in UK mainland zone-1 to allow end-users and smaller builds to benefits from direct supply to their kerbside. However, if you have a larger order and wish to discuss pricing please feel free to contact our Bekstone sales team (01993 842 391) or email [email protected].

  • Full-load = 19 pallets of concrete blocks
  • Half-load = 10 pallets of concrete blocks


Because of production cycles and the volumes involved, we will generally have a 10 working day lead time on all orders for concrete blocks, so please take this into consideration.