General Information & Warranties


All dimensions quoted for natural stone are nominal and as most are hand cut, they will be subject to tolerances. The area coverage quoted includes the appropriate joint widths to enable the correct amount of product to be purchased to cover a given area. Where space is critical and particularly when a circle or feature kit is being incorporated into a design, it is essential that the product is dry laid in order to understand the gaps required to make the feature work. Retrospective correction of gaps once a job is underway is not always possible. We reserve the right to change dimensions and pack sizes without notice.


Our reconstituted stone and concrete products and pointing compounds contain natural aggregates and pigments that can vary slightly in colour from time to time. We therefore cannot guarantee that manufactured products from different production batches will always have identical colouration. Therefore, we advise, when using several packs of paving or walling on a project, that the product is drawn randomly from all of the packs being used to achieve an overall well blended appearance.
Variations in colour and shading will occur in natural stone paving. The swatches reproduced on the website are as accurate as reprographic processes allow, and are indications of the overall hue produced by the variety of colour variations in the given product.

It is also advisable to inspect the product as soon as it is delivered, to ensure it is suitable prior to installation.

When laying multiple packs of natural stone paving, care should be taken to ensure that product is taken equally from all of the available packs as the project progresses rather than one pack at a time. This eliminates patches of colours and gives a seamless, more natural blend of colours to the finished project.


Pressure washing is not recommended as it will damage the jointing and the face of concrete and natural stone paving. Damage to paving cuased by pressure / jet washing will void your warranty.  We only recommend Lithofin® cleaning products and we are happy to advise on the use of them. Specific spillages of strong coloured liquids should be wiped off the paving immediately with a damp cloth to prevent any permanent damage.


In the unlikely event of our products reaching you in a less than satisfactory condition, please notify us immediately. Please note that if a product is knowingly laid with a defect apparent prior to laying then we reserve the right not to replace the product and will not accept any responsibility for costs incurred to rectify the problem.

M-Coat® paving is guaranteed for 10 years, from the date of purchase, not to be damaged by frost or to suffer from efflorescence staining. Given normal domestic garden conditions M-Coat® paving will resist staining from most naturally occurring phenomena. Specific spillages should be wiped off the paving immediately with a damp cloth to prevent permanent damage. The guarantee on M-Coat® paving is limited to the replacement cost of the defective product only and does not extend to financial reimbursement to cover the installation works or any problems associated with installation.

M-Coat® paving must not be pressure washed to clean it, nor subjected to deicing salts or chemical treatments or patio sealants of any kind as these will invalidate the warranty.

 Damage to paving cuased by pressure / jet washing will void your warranty.

All products have CE certification and comply with the necessary product characteristics and requirements within the United Kingdom and European Union.