Single Size Pack 317 Pieces (215 x 100 x 50-70 mm)

7.32m2 / 317 Blocks
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Single Size Pack 238 Pieces (290 x 100 x 50-70 mm)

7.37m2 / 238 Blocks
Per m² £111.99 per m²inc VAT £93.32 per m²ex VAT
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1 x Sample

0.02m2 / 1 sample
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Product Summary

These light yellow natural sandstone cobble blocks have a light textured riven surface and tumbled edges to give them a time-aged antique look and feel.

Whether your home is old or modern, natural stone block paving offers the ultimate block paving for your driveway that will last a lifetime. A beautiful rich tapestry of natural stone with its varying hues and textures ensures your driveway will look unique and add a touch of old-world charm to your property.

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Key features

  • Driveway Paving - These traditional stone blocks are perfect for driveway paving
  • Antique Cobbles - recreate centuries old pathways and driveways with Old Cotswold cobbles
  • Style - Light riven finish with tumbled edges for a weathered / antique appearance
  • Options - Available in two sizes (215mm x 100mm and 290mm x 100mm)
  • Durable - Sandstone is hardwearing and long lasting
  • Laying Comments - Old York and Cotswold cobbles have to be laid on a full mortar bed and mortar jointed to achieve an old world cobble appearance
  • Variation - A beautiful rich tapestry of natural stone with varying hues and textures ensures that your driveway will look unique.
  • Colour - Gold / Beige
Product details

Driveway Cobblestones

These cobblestones are ideal for driveway paving. The blocks are selected, quarried, hewn and finished for optimal performance. They are rugged and hardwearing and offering excellent strength and compression performance needed for vehicle traffic. Their tumbled finished edges also mean they are easier on car tyres too.

Traditional Antique Style Blocks

These cobblestones have been tumbled - a process used to soften edges and give the stone a more time-worn and weathered appearance. This results in the more rustic old world feeling these cobblestones present when laid.

Size Options

These blocks are available in two size option packs:

  • 290 x 100 x 50-70
  • 215 x 100 x 50-70

Natural Stone

The blocks are quarried from Indian sandstone that was laid down on prehistoric seabeds and formed into sedimentary rock deposits. Sandstone is a natural product with unique patterns, markings and colour variation found in every block. It is this natural variation that makes these cobblestones so appealing - they have their own character and charm and will lend a natural aesthetics to their environment whenever they are used.

Garden Paths

As well as driveways, these cobblestone blocks are also great for garden paths and walkways - especially where you expect a lot of foot traffic and need a durable surface.

Decorative Motifs

Cobblestones can be used for many additional paving and construction applications. This includes borders and edging where they can be used to contrast with larger flagstones and blocks. You can also create motifs and change the “flow” aesthetic, defining spaces between paving areas by breaking up other paving with cobblestones.


Cobblestone blocks should be laid on a full bed of mortar to ensure a consistent and level surface and to provide stability and strength. They should also be mortar jointed for an authentic old-world cobbled appearance.

We would also recommend using a priming slurry to provide improved bonding and adhesion and to help prevent efflorescence from the mortar bed.

Care & Maintenance

To protect your cobblestone blocks you should seal them with either a natural finish or colour enhancing sealer - these will help reduce weathering and staining from common environmental elements (water, oil, grease, UV light, organic materials).

To clean your driveway’s cobblestone blocks you should use a spray-on driveway cleaner that is specially formulated to deal with the grime and dirt commonly encountered, and that will also help prevent re-growth.

Available Colours

Cobblestone driveway blocks are available in two colour options:

  Single Size Pack 317 Pieces (215 x 100 x 50-70 mm) Single Size Pack 238 Pieces (290 x 100 x 50-70 mm) 1 x Sample
No. of Pieces 317 238 1
Pack Coverage (m²) 7.32 7.37 0.02
Range Stone Blocks Stone Blocks Paving
Prod Type Stone Block Paving Stone Block Paving Sample
Material Sandstone Sandstone Sandstone
Finish Light Riven Light Riven N/A
Finish (Edge) Tumbled Edge Tumbled Edge N/A
Colour Buff Buff N/A
None Beige Beige
None 215 290
None 100 100
None 50-70 50-70
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents 215 x 100 290 x 100 Sample
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack Single Size Pack Sample
Pack Description

215 x 100 Qty 317

290 x 100 Qty 238

1 x sample

Pieces Description Blocks Blocks sample

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