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Paving Sealers

We have selected a specific range of paving sealing products that will ensure your patio or walling keeps on looking fantastic year after year, and which could save time and money later on.

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Benefits of Sealing Paving

Unlike vitrified porcelain paving, stone and concrete paving are porous and will more easily absorb moisture, liquids, oils, grease, dirt, muck and organic debris if left untreated.

Therefore, to maintain your paving and protect it from environmental blemishes and weathering, you should probably consider using a breathable impregnating sealer.

Natural Stone Porosity

Most sedimentary stone such as Sandstone and Limestone is porous and if left unprotected will absorb moisture and liquids, either from weather and environmental conditions (damp / condensation) or spills (wine, soft drinks, BBQ and dining, oils, fats and greases).


Paving sealers are designed to offer protection from weathering, liquid absorption and other environmental staining agents such as leaves/foliage, ferrous objects and efflorescence. These sealers repel water, oil and grease, and provide resistance to UV light.


Stone is porous and absorbs moisture, so it can be susceptible to freeze-thaw action (an erosion process) that will weather and wear paving. Sealing stone helps lessen this process as the water particles remain on the surface rather than permeating the stone, so there is less expansion and contraction of ice within its structure, giving you longer-lasting protection.


Some types of stone such as black limestone (Kadapha) can become sun-bleached in UV light and their darker pigment will fade. By adding UV protecting colour enhancing or black stone sealers the stone’s original pigment/tone can largely be retained.

Natural or Enhanced Finishes

Paving sealers can have natural finishes, where the sealer is invisible and the colour of the original stone is kept, or enhanced finishes where the tone is darkened (akin to wetting) and the richer, stronger colours are shown and fixed.