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Classic Sandstone

Our classic range is a selection of some of our most stylish Indian sandstone paving slabs. These slabs exemplify the warmth and subtlety of sandstone at its best, both in the gorgeous colours and patterned seaming found in each stone. Each of these slabs is unique when it comes to visible grain and colour, and all will give your project a note of elegance and tradition. The Classic Range is a 600-series format collection of hand-cut Indian sandstone paving with riven surface finish.

Classic Sandstone
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Pavestone Classic Sandstone

The Classic range is ideal for both those who want to cultivate a period aesthetic in their garden or building project and those looking for something more contemporary. Indian sandstone has a traditional quality and offers your property a noticeably regal or rustic profile found in stately homes and country mansions alike. It complements established architectural features and creates a note of timelessness in more modern settings as well. However, the Classic Range is also dressed and hand-cut in such a way that it is equally appropriate in a more modern, contemporary setting, where a natural material is needed in a smart and refined manner.

Sandstone landscaping & building heritage

Sandstone has been an important part of English architectural history. In Britain, it had been in use since prehistory, and there are even examples of its use in Neolithic structures such as Wayland Smithy in Wiltshire. Later on, the Romans utilised it, and it would find greater usage by the Normans in the 11th century. The Normans used sandstone to build many cathedrals and churches that stand to this day, contributing to the prestige of sandstone as an important part of building heritage.

A broad range of sandstone tones and shades

The Classic Indian Sandstone range covers a variety of different colours. These are broad in scope and each stone has a unique shade, pattern and texture, which offers a visually dynamic effect to your paving.

Raj Blend - If you are looking for a warm neutral palette then our ever popular Raj Blend Classic Sandstone paving offers a lovely mix of rosy browns, tans, umber and browny-greys, to create a wonderful tapestry of riven natural sandstone paving.

Light Grey - For a versatile colour blend that is able to work with most styles of homes and garden, our highly popular Light Grey Classic Sandstone is a great balance of modern and vintage styles. It covers a range of silvery, smoky greys with delicate threads of light and dark minerals.

Buff - Looking for warm, welcoming natural hues? Our Buff Classic Sandstone is known for its warm ambers, golds and yellows. The slabs have a lightly riven surface and offer an appearance reminiscent of new Cotswold stone.

Golden Fossil - A light golden, wheat-like blend incorporating yellow and honey stones, Golden Fossil Classic Sandstone offers light and delicate colouring combined with ancient fossil patterns of ferns and ammonites, creating truly unique patio paving.

Rippon - Bringing you subtle pinks and orange hues on a creamy-beige field, Rippon Classic Sandstone is a lighter paving slab that has a golden, pinkish hue. It darkens considerably when wet and benefits from some truly striking cross bedding textures on each individual stone that will pop as pinks and orange patterning.

Heather Blend - This mix of sandstone provides rich, earthy colouring. Heather Blend Classic Sandstone has purple hues, rosy browns, pinks, apricot and sienna. Dry or wet, this stone offers a beautiful choice of contrasting and complementing elements.

Modak - A warm, Mediterranean style palette of orange and peach sandstone, with other beautiful shades of terracotta and caramel, Modak Classic Sandstone is a beautifully welcoming riven sandstone. When wet, these colours permeate the stone and darken to burnt sienna, scarlet and tawny brown.

Old Black - For something more rustic and muted, you might prefer our Old Black Classic Sandstone which is characterised by its charcoal grey and light golds, along with dove grey and pewter patterning.

Not sure which of these best suits your project? Get in touch with our team, and we’ll happily offer some more guidance on our products.