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Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) construction products allow you to add habitat directly into your development. This is vital for UK house builders as they offer innovative options to enhance ecological value and habitat. These components, such as bird nesting boxes, bee bricks and bat roost boxes, help meet regulatory requirements and boost environmental sustainability. By integrating BNG products, builders can create developments that support biodiversity on-site, attract buyers, and improve community well-being, while aligning with national conservation goals and market demands.

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)
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Overview of UK Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) Regulations and Their Implications for House Builders

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is a principle embedded in UK planning policy, mandating that new developments must leave biodiversity in a better state than before. The Environment Act 2021 enforces a minimum of 10% net gain in biodiversity, calculated through measurable metrics. This regulation requires house builders to integrate biodiversity enhancements into their projects, ensuring that the environmental impact of development is not only mitigated but reversed.

Implications for House Builders

For house builders, BNG regulations necessitate the inclusion of biodiversity-friendly practices in their projects. This involves designing and implementing measures that increase the ecological value of development sites. Compliance with these regulations is essential for obtaining planning permissions and aligning with national sustainability goals.

Bekstone Biodiversity Enhancements

Bekstone offers innovative solutions like Bee Bricks, Bird Box Bricks, and Bat Box Roost Bricks, which are designed to seamlessly integrate into building structures. These habitat bricks provide essential nesting and roosting sites for pollinators, birds, and bats, respectively.

  • Bekstone Bee Bricks: Enhance pollinator populations by providing nesting sites for solitary bees, crucial for plant pollination.
  • Bekstone Bird Box Bricks: Support avian biodiversity by offering safe nesting spaces for various bird species.
  • Bekstone Bat Box Roost Bricks: Aid in the conservation of bat species by providing secure roosting habitats.

Advantages of On-Site vs Off-Site Biodiversity

Creating on-site biodiversity has significant advantages over off-site enhancements. On-site measures ensure that the local ecosystem directly benefits from the development, maintaining ecological continuity and enhancing the immediate environment. This approach is more effective in supporting local wildlife, fostering community engagement, and providing educational opportunities for residents.

Building Habitat into Structures

Integrating habitats directly into building structures, as with Bekstone products, maximizes space efficiency and ensures ongoing support for biodiversity. This method is practical and cost-effective, as it utilizes the built environment to support wildlife without requiring additional land or significant alterations to building designs. It also offers enduring benefits, as these habitats become permanent features of the structures.


The UK BNG regulations present both a challenge and an opportunity for house builders. By incorporating Bekstone’s habitat bricks, builders can meet regulatory requirements, enhance local biodiversity, and create more attractive, sustainable developments. On-site biodiversity creation, especially when integrated into building designs, offers superior ecological benefits and aligns with sustainable building practices.