Single Size Pack 700 Pieces (100 x 100 x 40-70 mm)

7.78m2 / 700 setts
Per m² £84.99 per m²inc VAT £70.82 per m²ex VAT
£661.22inc VAT £551.02ex VAT
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Half Pack 350 Pieces (100 x 100 x 40-70 mm)

3.89m2 / 350 setts
Per m² £96.99 per m²inc VAT £80.82 per m²ex VAT
£377.29inc VAT £314.41ex VAT
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1 x Sample

0.02m2 / 1 sample
Per m² £299.50 per m²inc VAT £249.58 per m²ex VAT
£5.99inc VAT £4.99ex VAT
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Product Summary

Black Granite Setts Paving Blocks - This black natural granite sett with dark blue undertones has a light riven surface & hand-cut edges. They are suitable as garden path pavers, patio edging and borders, and as driveway block paving.

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Key features

  • Driveway Paving - These traditional stone setts are great for driveway pavinggranite is a very dense stone, is very strong and performs very well under compression
  • Garden Edging / Decoration - often used for edging and decorative paving features where their contrast offsets the other paving
  • Garden Paths - ideal for winding and undulating garden paths and walk ways
  • Material - granite paving very dense, meaning is is very stain-resistantmaking it ideal for high traffic walk ways
  • Stain-resistant - consider using in areas where staining might occurunder deciduous trees/foliage or fruit trees
  • Options - available as a 700 piece pack (100mm x 100mm blocks)
Product details

Ideal for a range of paving solutions

  • Driveways - These stones are ideal for driveway paving as the thickness and solid density of the stone ensures that strength is no compromise and it is willing to withstand regular driveway traffic and footfall.
  • Garden & Patio – Not all gardens have to be laid with traditional flags. Sett Pavers are full of character so incorporating these into your garden adds a bold personality to your home.
  • Pathways – The perfect addition to your garden to create a walkway and give your garden an elevated path.
  • Edgings – Sett Paving is extremely common for using as an edging to border your patio and driveway. Don’t be afraid to use a different material or colour for your border. A different colour & style creates a contrasting appearance, emphasising the natural beauty of the product and enhancing the characteristics of the slabs or blocks you have chosen to lay.


Laying Sett Paving

Setts must be laid on a full bed of motor – even if using this product for a driveway. For light use Pavements & Driveways, we recommend a 4:1 mix of coarse sand and cement which should be more than suitable for a bedding layer. 

We recommend when laying Setts on a full bed of mortar, to include an SBR additive within the mortar mix. Additionally, it is advisable to brush the underside with a priming slurry at the point of laying to strongly enhance the strength of the stone bond with the bedding and extend the durability and lifespan of the final job. 

Sett Paving should be laid to a taut string line to guide accurate alignment and level. Generally, you will have a variable joint width to accommodate the variation within the setts. Please allow a small tolerance due to the products being hand-cut.

To point your Sett Paving, if using for a Pathway then for ease-of-use we recommend a brush-in grout, such as Pointfix. If using the Setts for a driveway then a traditional sand and cement mortar to point is recommended. Please remember when pointing to clean as you go, to avoid any resin or cement stains. If you are unfortunate to spill some residue on the product, we have a range of dedicated Pavestone Cleaner to remove any residue, such as Pavestone Resin remover or Pavestone Cement & Grout  Residue remover.  We strongly advise using a dedicated cleaner as suggested, rather than an acidic cleaner such as brick acid, which can lead to permanent staining and void your manufacturer's warranty.

  Single Size Pack 700 Pieces (100 x 100 x 40-70 mm) 1 x Sample Half Pack 350 Pieces (100 x 100 x 40-70 mm)
No. of Pieces 700 1 350
Pack Coverage (m²) 7.78 0.02 3.89
Range Stone Setts Paving Stone Setts
Prod Type Stone Block Paving Sample Stone Block Paving
Material Granite Granite Granite
Finish Light Riven N/A Light Riven
Finish (Edge) Hand Cut N/A Hand Cut
Colour Black N/A Black
Colour Group Black Black
Dimension (W) 100 100
Dimension (H) 100 100
Dimension (D) 40-70 40-70
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents Single Size Pk Sample H/PACK
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack Sample Half Pack
Pack Description

100 x 100 Qty 700

1 x sample

100 x 100 Qty 350

Pieces Description setts sample setts

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