Pavestone Black Stone Sealer (5L Bottle)

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Pavestone Black Stone Sealer (1L Bottle)

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Product Summary

Pavestone black stone colour rejuvenator and sealer is a water-based impregnating sealer that restores the appearance of all types of faded dark grey and black sandstone, limestone, marble, slate and concrete pavers.

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Product details

Black Stone Rejuvenator Sealer

This high performance, long-lasting sealer is non-hazardous, pet-friendly and odourless and easy to apply. It is designed to rejuvenate and protect black and dark-coloured paving slabs and blocks from sun-bleaching.


Concrete and natural stone paving can be susceptible to UV light and can quickly become sun-bleached if left unprotected. If you wish to emphasise the paving’s original black or dark grey colour, we suggest you treat it with this sealer to add UV protection and fix the pigment.

Black Limestone

Black Limestone such as Kadapha is very susceptible to UV light and will quickly fade if left unprotected. Adding this sealant will ensure black limestone looks darker and remains as beautiful and striking as the day it was laid.


This sealer is designed to rejuvenate paving that has become faded - it will darken and fix the pigments. The tone/darkness will be akin to when the paving is wet, so if that aesthetic is pleasing, then this restorative sealer will work well.


  • Honed surfaces 30m2 per litre
  • Medium porosity surfaces 15m2 per litre
  • High porosity surfaces  7.5m2 per litre

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Pavestone Black Stone Sealer

  Pavestone Black Stone Sealer (5L Bottle) Pavestone Black Stone Sealer (1L Bottle)
No. of Pieces 1 1
Range Pavestone Restore Pavestone Restore
Prod Type Paving Sealer Paving Sealer
Colour N/A N/A
Material Liquid Liquid
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Finish (Edge) N/A N/A
Pack Contents 5L Bottle 1L Bottle
Pack Sold As Individual Unit Individual Unit
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