Contractor Pack 48 Pieces (Mixed Sizes)

15m2 / 48 Paving Slabs
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Product Summary

Light Grey Durham Tudor Antique Paving - This light grey natural sandstone paving slab with grey & silver highlights has a time worn riven surface and tumbled edges.

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Key features

  • Traditional Patios / Terraces - A hand crafted natural sandstone, recreating the appeal of time-worn flagstones from previous centuries
  • Antique Flagstones - features rounded corners and a smoother riven relief to the face, created to blend sympathetically with older properties
  • Hand-Crafted - specially designed by our stone masons to provide the right antique / period bygone look and feel
  • Indoor and Outdoor Living - Tudor Antique paving can also be used, to great effect, as indoor flooring and can create a wonderful warm radiator of heat when combined with an under-floor heating system
  • Finish - Hand cut edges and a tumbled aged appearance
  • Hard Wearing - Sandstone is hard wearing and durable
  • Colour - Light Grey with Silver Accents (akin to Kandla Light Grey)
Product details

Period-Style Flagstones

The Pavestone Tudor Antique range has been designed to recreate the appeal of time-worn flagstones from previous centuries, offering rustic/bucolic aesthetics to compliment historic and period homes and gardens.

Durham Flagstones

Tithe sandstone is made up of a blend of light grey stones. It has undertones, hues and veins of silver, grey and pewter providing the pattern and variation that gives Durham its unique character. It is akin to Kandla Light Grey sandstone paving in it colour and composition.

  • The overall look and feel of Durham is light-grey blend.
  • Silver, pewter and mid-grey accents.

Before laying your flagstones, examine and select the pavers. You want to vary the blend of colours, tones and hues, to ensure your patio or terrace has the right contrast and mix of colours that gives Tithe its look and feel.

Natural Stone Paving

As with any natural product be aware variation is normal and to be expected. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock. This means it was created on the seabed floor as numerous layers of sand and sediment were laid down and compressed over many millions of years. This process of formation means the stone has natural variations. There will be differences in patterning, where varied colour sands were laid down and blended to form the rock, resulting in veins and brushes of different colours intermingled with the core colours.

Colours, tones and patterns vary naturally. These are not carbon copy flagstones; each is unique, with their own natural character. That is precisely what you are buying when you select these natural products - the beauty and unique character of the natural stone tapestry.

Pack Size Formats and Options

Tithe flagstones are available in the following pack formats:

  • Mixed Size Contractor Pack (48 Pieces) 15m² Coverage
    • 900 x 600 Qty 13
    • 600 x 600 Qty 13
    • 600 x 290 Qty 13
    • 290 x 290 Qty 9
  • Mixed Size Mini Pack (15 Pieces) 4.63m² Coverage
    • 900 x 600 Qty 4
    • 600 x 600 Qty 4
    • 600 x 290 Qty 4
    • 290 x 290 Qty 3

Why Sandstone Patios?

These outdoor flagstones are made of sandstone, a material that has been used for millennia for paving due to its superb performance and characteristics. Sandstone is soft enough to make it easy to be quarried, hewn, cut and dressed by stonemasons, whilst being hard enough to last many lifetimes once laid as paving.

Weathered & Antique Look & Feel

Tudor Antique flagstones are hand-crafted and specially designed by our stonemasons to provide the right antique/period bygone look and feel. The surface of the flagstone has a riven finish, meaning the stones have small ridges and patterns where they have been hewn and split.

The flagstones are then tumbled, a process akin to a gentle spin in a washing machine. This process softens and rounds the edges of the flagstones to give them a time-worn and weathered antique appearance.

Reclaimed Flagstones

Buying genuine antique reclaimed flagstones can be a costly affair. The Tudor Antique range offers you a cost-effective alternative with more aesthetic consistency and control, plus the supply volume is not limited either, so if you need coverage for larger areas you can guarantee you will have enough flagstones.

Tudor Antique Flagstone Range

The Pavestone Tudor Antique Flagstone range includes the following products:

Tudor Cobbles Range

In addition to Tudor Antique Flagstones, Pavestone also offers the following antique style cobbles:

No. of Pieces 48
Pack Coverage (m²) 15
Range Tudor Antique
Prod Type Stone Paving Slabs
Mini/Split Available Yes
Material Sandstone
Finish Riven
Finish (Edge) Tumbled Edge
Colour Light Grey
Colour Group Grey
Dimension (W) Varies
Dimension (H) Varies
Dimension (D) 22
Interior / Exterior Exterior / Interior
Style Classic
Pack Contents C/PACK
Pack Sold As Contractor Pack
Pack Description

900 x 600 Qty 13
600 x 600 Qty 13
600 x 290 Qty 13
290 x 290 Qty 9

Pieces Description Paving Slabs

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