Patio Calculators

Patio Paving Calculators

The paving calculators on this page are designed to help you calculate coverage and materials for your patio installation.

Calculating square metre size of your patio

To calculate the size of an L-shape or irregular shaped patio, the easiest way to do this is to break the space in to separate rectangles.

For each rectangle, multiply the length by the width to give you a square metre size for that rectangle.

Once you’ve calculated the square metres for each rectangle, add those square metre amounts together to give you total size of the patio in square metres (m²). See diagram below.

Work out the area of each “rectangle” by multiplying the length by the width, and then add them together to get your total area.

calculating an irregular shaped patio area

Patio Size Calculator

This tool will help you calculate the coverage in square metres (m²) of your patio.

Enter the width and length of the space where you want your patio. Use metres as the unit of measure (e.g. 7800 mm would be entered as 7.8).

Now you've calculated the size of your patio, shop paving slabs or read our patio paving buying guide to get started.

Sub-base material calculator

This tool will help you calculate how much material you need for your patio's sub-base.

Enter the area in square-metres (m²) and depth in millimetres (mm) for your patio's sub-base, and find out how much DTp1 hardcore (MOT Type 1 aggregate) you'll need.

NOTE: We would recommend a depth of 150 mm or more (depending on the stability of the substrate).

Bedding mortar (5:1 mix) materials calculator

You should use a 5:1 ratio bedding mortar for all paving slab types (porcelain, sandstone, limestone, slate or concrete).

Enter your patio's area in square-metres (m²) and find out how much sharp sand (aka grit sand) and general purpose cement (aka Portland cement or OPC) you'll need for the laying coarse mortar bed.

For a 50mm deep 5:1 mix mortar bed you will need:

Sharp Sand

If you require breakdown of paving installation see our step-by-step guide on how to lay patio paving.

Or, if you need assistance regarding your patio installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us (01993 608 824) for free and friendly advice.

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