Contractor Pack 36 Pieces (Mixed Sizes)

9m2 / 36 Paving Slabs
was £323.91inc VAT £269.92ex VAT
Per m² £32.99 per m²inc VAT £27.49 per m²ex VAT
£296.91inc VAT £247.42ex VAT

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Half Pack 18 Pieces (Mixed Sizes)

4.5m2 / 18 Paving Slabs
Per m² £49.99 per m²inc VAT £41.66 per m²ex VAT
£224.96inc VAT £187.47ex VAT

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1 x Sample

0.02m2 / 1 sample
Per m² £299.50 per m²inc VAT £249.58 per m²ex VAT
£5.99inc VAT £4.99ex VAT

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Key features

  • Stone-Effect - Fairford are natural looking stone-effect decorative concrete paving
  • Style - light textured stone-effect concrete paving slabs with tapered / rounded edges
  • Premium Range - this is product is designed to provide great performance at a competitive price
  • Durable - concrete is less susceptible to weathering than natural stone, with less chance of it ageing and changing in appearance
  • Best Seller - this is one of our best selling products based on cost, looks and performance
  • Patio Paving - ideal for garden patios and terraces
  • Options - mixed size contractor pack or three single size pack options
  • Colour - grey

Fairford Grey Decorative Concrete Paving provides the performance and consistency of concrete with the look and feel of hewn natural stone. These slabs are constructed to have a shallow riven surface ideal for patio living.

Stone Effect Concrete Paving

Fairford Grey slabs are part of Bekstone's Premium Range of decorative concrete paving. 

The classic weathered appearance and natural stone looks of Fairford Paving provides for a timeless patio which is suitable for relaxing or entertaining. The concrete slabs look like hewn stone, and have subtle shallow riven surfaces that offer and ideal base for patio furniture and seating. This shallow riven surface ensures that tables and chairs will sit firmly on the paving, making Fairford slabs suitable for most patios.

As well as their shallow riven finish the surface of the slabs are also lightly textured to provide better anti-slip performance and grip under-foot.

Uniform Colour

The Fairford slabs will provide your patio with a consistent look and feel that closely mimics riven natural stone, but additionally offers uniform colour and tonal variation. Because these slabs are manufactured rather than quarried their aesthetics are factory controlled - and so they provide precise and consistent colour and tonal control - meaning you get exactly the look and feel you were expecting.

This colour pigment uniformity and aesthetic control/predictability are the main performance advantages presented by concrete paving over natural stone paving.


Bekstone are specialist in UK concrete and reconstituted stone manufacturing and make paving products of the highest quality. This means these Fairford slabs are hardwearing, durable, and will last many, many years.


Fairford paving is available with three different size-format slabs. These are sold as single size packs and t is also available in a mixed size “contractor pack” containing all three size-formats.

  • 300mm x 300mm
  • 600mm x 300mm
  • 600mm x 600mm
  • Contractor Pack (Mixed Sizes)

Free Advice

If you have any questions about Fairford Paving, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team who will be happy to offer free pre-sales advice and talk you through the product.

  Contractor Pack 36 Pieces (Mixed Sizes) 1 x Sample Half Pack 18 Pieces (Mixed Sizes)
No. of Pieces 36 1 18
Pack Coverage (m²) 9 0.02 4.5
Range Premium Concrete Paving Premium Concrete
Prod Type Concrete Paving Slabs Sample Concrete Paving Slabs
Material Concrete Concrete Concrete
Finish Light Textured N/A Light Textured
Finish (Edge) Tapered / rounded N/A Tapered / rounded
Colour Grey N/A Grey
Colour Group Grey Grey
Dimension (W) Varies Varies
Dimension (H) Varies Varies
Dimension (D) 38+/- 38+/-
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents C/PACK Sample H/PACK
Pack Sold As Contractor Pack Sample Half Pack
Pack Description

600 x 600 Qty 18
600 x 300 Qty 10
300 x 300 Qty 8

1 x sample

600 x 600 Qty 9
600 x 300 Qty 5
300 x 300 Qty 4

Pieces Description Paving Slabs sample Paving Slabs

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