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Single Size Pack 415 Pieces (229 x 102 x 65 mm)

415 Blocks

7.44 face m2

£46.95 per face m2



Single Size Pack 309 Pieces (305 x 102 x 65 mm)

309 Blocks

7.3 face m2

£47.17 per face m2



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Grey Tumbled Burford Walling - This grey reconstituted stone walling has a tumbled surface & is available in 3 sizes.

A realistic alternative to local stone at an affordable price. Grey Tumbled Burford reconstituted stone walling makes building work easy. Your finished project will look, feel and age just like natural stone but at a fraction of the cost.

  Burford Walling Grey Tumbled 65x229x102 Single Size Burford Walling Grey Tumbled 65x305x102 Single Size
Material Reconstituted Reconstituted
Finish Tumbled Tumbled
Finish (Edge) Tumbled Tumbled
Colour Grey Grey
Range Burford Walling Burford Walling
Product Type Walling Walling
Dimension (W) 229 305
Dimension (H) 102 102
Dimension (D) 65 65
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents 229 x 102 x 65 305 x 102 x 65
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack Single Size Pack
Pack Coverage (m2) 7.44 7.3
Pack Description

65 x 229 x 102 Qty 415

65 x 305 x 102 Qty 309

No. of Pieces 415 309
Pieces Description Blocks Blocks