Single Size Pack 32 Pieces (600 x 300 x 90 mm)

1.73m2 / 32 Pieces
Per m² face £405.99 per m²inc VAT £338.32 per m²ex VAT
£702.36inc VAT £585.30ex VAT
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Product Summary

Moodul Walling Grey - This light grey concrete waling block has a smooth surface & face finish along with crisp straight edges for a contemporary look. It can be used to build a wide variety of garden architectural features and provides instant elegance and style to those areas where it has been used. This pack contains 32 blocks (1.73 Face m2). The grey colouring is a light to mid-grey tone and is designed to work in contrast with black Moodul Walling. The light-weight hollow construction of these blocks means they are easy to lay. The block design incorporates a male-female coupling system to joint blocks together, which is bonded with Tile Adhesive.

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Key features

  • Modular Garden Walling System - contemporary modular building block
  • Outdoor Living - Moodul Walling is a modular system designed to facilitate outdoor living
  • Modern, Stylish and Unique - one look at a Moodul garden is enough to realise how you could be living!
  • Flexible / Compatible - Moodul Walling allows you to create almost any outdoor living space you can conceive
  • Durable - concrete is less susceptible to weathering than natural stone, with less chance of it aging and changing in appearance
  • Stunning Garden Features - functional walls with benches and storage, BBQ areas, dining areas, seating areas, water featuresall possible
  • Colour - Light Grey
  • Provenance - manufactured in Belgium for Pavestone
Product details

Grey Moodul Walling Blocks

The modular walling blocks (600 x 300 x 90 mm) are supplied in a pack of 32 pieces with a face metre coverage of 1,73m2. The blocks are hollow and have an interlocking male-female coupling system (male top, female bottom) that allows the blocks to be laid interlaced together. Moodul Walling Blocks are bonded together using Wall Tile Adhesive. This creates a cohesive structural bond, whilst hiding the joints on the walling face to provide a more minimalist, contemporary appearance.


What is Moodul Walling

Moodul Walling is a contemporary modular building block, bringing innovative design possibilities to your garden, allowing you to create a range of stunning features in your garden. It consists of two block types; a walling block piece and a capping block type cover stone that can be used together to create a variety of garden features, including retaining walls, raised beds, benches, outdoor kitchens and living areas, garden steps, knee and pony walls and much more.

Easy Construction

Moodul Walling Blocks have a hollow construction with interlocking male-female couplings that are bonded together using wall cladding adhesive when the wall is built. This provides structural integrity and makes construction fast and easy, with the blocks being light-weight and easy to manoeuvre when compared to tradition concrete walling blocks. This ease of construction, means you can focus your attention on the design and features you wish to introduce into your garden.

When the walling blocks are combined with the cover stones, a wide variety of structures and garden features can be constructed:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Parapet, Knee, Ankle and Pony Walls
  • Recessed Walls & Nooks
  • Raised Beds & Planters
  • Benches & Seating
  • Terracing & Steps
  • Outdoor Rooms

Contemporary Aesthetics

With sleek clean faces and edges, and no jointing lines, the Moodul Walling system is designed to provide a contemporary minimalist aesthetic, ideal for modern garden designs and contemporary outdoor living.

Outdoor Living

Contemporary garden design sees outdoor rooms and living spaces combined with interior spaces to create spaces that feel both indoor and outdoor simultaneously. These modern garden designs deftly merge and blend what is indoors and outdoors into a seamless and harmonious living space.

With Moodul Walling, creating these outdoor rooms and living space with a contemporary look and feel becomes easy. Whether you wish to create a kitchen, dining area, sitting room or play area, Moodul Walling allows you to quickly define and style the desired outdoor space you have envisaged.

Garden Landscaping

In additional to creating outdoor rooms, Moodul Walling is ideal for building a range of garden landscaping features, that will be chic, elegant and eye-catching. By using Moodul Walling to create your garden features, you can ensure the landscape architecture throughout the garden has a unified and cohesive style that visually holds it all together.

Colour Options

Moodul Walling is available in two colours, which can be used in conjunction with each other to create contrasting palettes and play between the tones:

  • Moodul Black
  • Moodul Grey
No. of Pieces 32
Pack Coverage (m²) 1.73
Range Moodul
Prod Type Walling
Mini/Split Available Yes
Material Concrete
Finish Light Textured
Finish (Edge) Straight
Colour Light Grey
Colour Group Grey
Dimension (W) 600
Dimension (H) 300
Dimension (D) 90
Interior / Exterior Exterior
Style Contemporary
Pack Contents 600 x 300
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack
Pack Description

600 x 300 Qty 32

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