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0.02m2 / 1 sample
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Single Size Pack 48 Pieces (900 x 600 x 16mm)

26.28m2 / 48 Porcelain Slabs
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Mini Pack 12 Pieces (900 x 600 x 16mm)

6.57m2 / 12 Porcelain Slabs
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Product Summary

Kandla Grey Porcelain Paving - This light grey porcelain paving slab with riven-effect grey highlights has a realistic & natural-looking surface with straight contemporary sawn edges. Because it is a vitrified non-porous porcelain product, it offers easy maintenance and long-lasting performance, being weatherproof, frost-resistant, abrasion and scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant.

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Key features

  • Indoor Outdoor Living - walk from your kitchen or living room directly on to your terrace or patio as a seamless single floor/paving area
  • Style - stone-effect large format 1000mm x 500mm porcelain paving tiles with a straight edge
  • Durable - robust, durable, vitrified technology. Frost resistant, fade-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch & abrasion resistant
  • Low Maintenance - Once a year 1) sweep 2) apply soapy water 3) scrub the tiles 4) leave to dry it's that easy
  • Non-porous - the vitrified tiles are easy to clean, resistant to frost damage and resistant to staining
  • Slip-resistant - porcelain patio tiles have slip-resistant characteristics as they don't absorb water
  • Weather-proof - resistant to extreme heat, frost and rain, common causes of damage to standard paving
  • Keeps Its Colour - Unlike concrete and natural stone, porcelain is not affected (bleached) by sunlight, so will not fade/weather
Product details

Kandla Grey Porcelain Slabs

These Kandla Grey porcelain slabs are vitrified, high-performance porcelain slabs. They provide superior performance, yet affordable solution for the homeowner seeking to achieve their dream patio. Ideal for outdoor living on your terrace or patio. They are designed to emulate classic India sandstone in appearance but offer the long-lasting high-performance characteristics of porcelain paving. 


42 Tiles per pallet

Coverage approximately 23m2

Vitrified Slabs (Non-porous)

Kandla porcelain is manufactured to the highest of quality. Utilising pure kaolin clays and minerals, these are then fired at 1200 degrees Celsius. This elevates the slab into a different tier of Paving, as the tile is harder, more durable and has an extremely low water absorption rate. These porcelain slabs are 99.5% non-porous which offers so many advantages over natural stone and concrete.

R11 Anti-slip finish

The tiles have R11 anti-slip rating. Any Paving that is considered to be of a rating of R11 is considered to be secure for both wet and dry environments. This product is suited to all outdoor areas, terraces, balconies, indoor areas and ideal for surrounding outdoor swimming pools.

R11 rated paving is perfect for those looking for Paving Slabs that are suitable for young children playing in the garden. The anti-slip rating means this style of Paving is safer than concrete & natural stone.

Resistance & performance

Porcelain paving will not be affected by the seasonal weather changes and will not deteriorate in freezing weather conditions that can see some stone surfaces deteriorate gradually.

Key Performances:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Robust & Durable
  • Anti Slip
  • Frost resistant
  • Colour maintaining
  • Resistant to Acids & Alkali chemicals such as fertiliser and lawn treatments
  • Moss & Algae resistant

Colour Maintaining

This porcelain paving will not experience colour fading. The light grey colouring will remain fixed and not fade over time through sunlight bleaching and exposure and look the same as the day they were laid for many years with minimal cleaning maintenance.

Porcelain Paving vs Natural Stone Paving

Porcelain Paving ticks all the boxes. The price of porcelain compared to natural stone and concrete initially puts some customers off. However, you are paying for the quality and longevity of your garden. Porcelain will outlive all other types of stone and keep its looks. Typically the slabs only account for 20-30% of the initial cost of laying a new patio. If kept well maintained, your porcelain patio will still look brand new in 10 years time.  You simply can’t put a price on slabs of this quality when looking at the long-term (10 years plus) solution for your garden.


Porcelain Paving

Natural Stone Paving

Concrete Paving



Anti Slip R11 Rating

Frost resistant

Algae resistant

Low Maintenance

Calibrated Available

Consistent Colour

Strong and Durable

Indoor & Outdoor

Stain Resistant

Laying Comments

A rectified floor tile is one whose edges are perfectly vertical with respect to its surface. This is a result of precise machining of a regular unrectified tile so that each of the four sides will be at a 90° angle to the top and bottom faces of the tile.

As with all paving, it is essential to lay the paving by mixing the tiles from each of the packs that are to be laid. This ensures that the overall desired hue is achieved and evens out any slight colour discrepancies. Laying your patio one pallet at a time can lead to slight but visible colour banding.

It is essential to use a Slurry Primer, which should be applied to the underside of each paving tile just prior to laying. The base mortar should contain an SBR Bond additive included within the mix. Please refer to the laying instructions if in any doubt.

A flexible Tile Grout should be used and care must be taken not to let it dry on the surface of the tile.

If you require any additional information on laying our Porcelain, please give us a call on 01993 608 824 and speak to our dedicated Paving Expert Team.

  Single Size Pack 42 Pieces (900 x 600 x 20mm) Single Size Pack 48 Pieces (900 x 600 x 16mm) Mini Pack 12 Pieces (900 x 600 x 16mm) 1 x Sample
No. of Pieces 42 48 12 1
Pack Coverage (m²) 22.68 26.28 6.57 0.02
Range Clearance Stock Simply Porcelain Simply Porcelain Paving
Prod Type Porcelain Paving Slabs Porcelain Paving Slabs Porcelain Paving Slabs Sample
Material Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain Sandstone
Finish Smooth Light Textured Light Textured N/A
Finish (Edge) Straight Edge Sawn / Straight Sawn / Straight N/A
Colour Grey Grey Grey N/A
None Grey Grey Grey
None 900 900 900
None 600 600 600
None 20 16 16
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents 900 x 600 x 20 900 x 600 x 16 M/PACK Sample
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack Single Size Pack Mini Pack Sample
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900x 600 Qty 42

900x 600 Qty 48

900x 600 Qty 12

1 x sample

Pieces Description pack Porcelain Slabs Porcelain Slabs sample

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