134.4 Linear Metres - Full Pack (200 x 100 x 20 mm) 672 Pieces

134.4 metres / 672 Porcelain Setts
Per linear metre £11.99 per metreinc VAT £9.99 per metreex VAT
£1,611.46inc VAT £1,342.88ex VAT
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50 Linear Metres - Half Pack (200 x 100 x 20 mm) 250 Pieces

50 metres / 250 Porcelain Setts
Per linear metre £14.99 per metreinc VAT £12.49 per metreex VAT
£749.50inc VAT £624.58ex VAT
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1 x Sample (200 x 100 mm Slip)

0.1 metres / 1 sample
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£7.99inc VAT £6.66ex VAT
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Product Summary

Pavestone Anthracite 200 x 100 x 20 mm black porcelain setts are in a popular size that will be familiar to most landscapers who have worked with traditional stone setts.  These porcelain setts provide superior strength and performance over natural stone or concrete.  They are designed to be paired with porcelain slabs to allow garden designers and landscapers to create and easily install a range of patterns and motifs into your patio, pathway and driveway paving.

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Key features

  • Paving Design - Porcelain Setts offer allow you to easily add some design flair into your garden or driveway paving with edge course and design motifs, without the hassle of extensive cutting in!
  • Edge Courses - ideal for adding some contrast colour into your patio, path or driveway designs
  • Picture Framing - the pre-cut setts allow you to quickly lay borders around paving areas whilst maintaining the superior performance of porcelain paving
  • Garden Borders - these setts are suitable for a variety of garden borders
  • Driveway Paving - the format of these setts allows them to be used for domestic driveway paving
  • Performance - porcelain paving offers superior performance across the board in terms of strength, durability, longevity, ease of maintenance and upkeep.
Product details

Porcelain Setts for Patio Edging & Borders

Unleash your garden and patio design ideas with these setts. Create the designs and patterns you want with ease - combining these setts with porcelain slabs to give you consistent high-performance and beautiful paving across your patio, paths and seating areas.

Pavestone Porcelain Setts were created to allow homeowners and landscapers to easily add design elements to their porcelain patios without all the unnecessary cutting down from larger slabs. 

Colours & Formats

They are available in two colours - black (anthracite / dark grey) and grey (light grey / dove grey).

They are ideal for borders and picture framing of patios, adding key lines and visual breaks in paving areas. These porcelain setts are available in two size formats:

  • 100 x 100 x 20 mm
  • 200 x 100 x 20 mm

Finish / Pattern

These porcelain setts have a honed stone-effect finish. As with all our porcelain paving, these have been designed for exterior use, and therefore, have slip-resistance built-in as part of the manufacturing process to provide anti-slip performance superior to most stone and concrete paving.

Borders, Edging & Paving Designs

As with traditional setts, these pavers are ideal for creating contrasting borders, edge course designs, patterns and motifs, and provide functional boundary demarcators or separators between different paving areas.

Porcelain Pathway Paving

Setts are ideal when paving garden paths. Their small format allows them to be manipulated and orientated to the direction of the path without lots of complicated cutting - so the path can snake and bend to the needs of your landscape. Porcelain setts will provide the visual aesthetic of a traditional dressed block path, but with the improved performance and maintenance properties of this advanced paving material. 

Porcelain Driveway Paving

Vehicles are heavy, and their weight means when driven on a driveway surface, any paving, is subject to significant loads. To counteract this, driveway paving requires enough flexural strength so ensure it does not crack or shear under bending loads. This means that driveway blocks have traditionally used a small format paver (to reduce point bending loads) and they are typically thicker than patio paving, usually between 40-80 mm. 

The strength of porcelain paving combined with the smaller format of these setts means that these 20 mm thick pavers have sufficient flexural strength to be used for driveway paving. As with stone setts and cobblestone driveway installations, these setts would need to be laid on a full mortar bed over a sub-base of compacted MOT Type-1 hardcore - at least 150 mm for a driveway, depending on the substrate / local soil composition.

Superior Performance

Porcelain paving offers improved performance over concrete and natural stone paving in a number of areas:

  • Super strong & durable
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • No need to seal
  • Frost resistant
  • Algae resistant
  • Non-Porous (Waterproof)
  • Better slip resistance
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant
  • Consistent colouration
  • Fade-resistant

When you combine these setts with porcelain slabs, you'll have all these advantages for your entire  patio.

Easier to Live With

Because porcelain paving is vitrified (like glass) this means it is impermeable and waterproof. So all the grime, gunk and strains that can impregnant traditional stone and concreter pavers is kept on the service, making cleaning and maintenance much easier. In most cases, you can clean porcelain paving with soapy water, a brush and a hose - and that's it! Nice and easy.

  134.4 Linear Metres - Full Pack (200 x 100 x 20 mm) 672 Pieces 50 Linear Metres - Half Pack (200 x 100 x 20 mm) 250 Pieces 1 x Sample (200 x 100 mm Slip)
No. of Pieces 672 250 1
Linear Metres 134.4 50 0.1
Range Italian Porcelain Italian Porcelain Paving
Prod Type Porcelain Setts Porcelain Setts Sample
Material Porcelain Porcelain Porcelain
Finish Light Textured Light Textured N/A
Finish (Edge) Straight Edge Straight Edge N/A
Colour Grey Grey N/A
None Grey Grey
Dimension (W) 200 200 200
Dimension (H) 100 100 100
None 20 20
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents 200 x 100 H/PACK Sample
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack Half Pack Sample
Pack Description

200 x 100 Qty 672

200 x 100 Qty 250

1 x sample

Pieces Description Porcelain Setts Porcelain Setts sample

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