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Rusty Slate Cladding

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Single Size Pack 768 Pieces (240 x 75 x 17-24 mm)

768 Pieces

13.82 face m2

£71.72 per face m2



Single Size Pack 384 Pieces (390 x 75 x 17-25 mm)

384 Pieces

11.24 face m2

£72.94 per face m2



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Rusty Slate Cladding - This copper coloured slate cladding has a light riven surface & sawn straight edges creating a contemporary look.

Rusty Slate Stack Cladding is a new and inexpensive way of transforming existing lacklustre brick walls into modern contemporary works of art. Alternatively, new walls can be constructed from economy concrete blocks and faced with the Slate Stack cladding to provide an impressive finish.

  Slate Cladding Rusty 240 x 75 Single Size Slate Cladding Rusty 390 x 75 Single Size
Material Slate Slate
Finish Light Textured Light Textured
Finish (Edge) Straight Straight
Colour Copper Copper
Range Cladding Cladding
Product Type Cladding Cladding
Dimension (W) 240 390
Dimension (H) 75 75
Dimension (D) 17-24 17-25
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents 240 x 75 390 x 75
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack Single Size Pack
Pack Coverage (m2) 13.82 11.24
Pack Description

240 x 75 Qty 768

390 x 75 Qty 384

No. of Pieces 768 384
Pieces Description Pieces Pieces