Single Size Pack 1000 Pieces (100 x 100 x 18-30 mm)

11m2 / 1000 setts
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Mini Pack 500 Pieces (100 x 100 x 18-30 mm)

5.5m2 / 500 setts
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Product Summary

Midnight Slate Setts Paving Blocks - This dark blue natural slate sett with black undertones has a light riven surface & sawn edges and is ideal for decorative garden paving and driveway paving alike.

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Key features

  • Garden Pathways - setts are ideal for creating winding, undulating pathways with rustic charm through the garden as well as paved areas where a cobbled appearance is desired
  • Patio Borders - setts can also provide an attractive border to patio paving or driveways, often used to add a complimentary contrast to the main paving colour
  • Style - Riven setts with tumbled edges for a rustic / weathered appearance
  • Durable - slate is hardwearing and long lasting
  • Natural - colour variation of individual paving blocks will vary when viewed individually
  • Laying Comments - Setts must be laid on a full wet bed of mortar. We strongly advise an SBR and Priming Slurry are used to enhance strength, adhesion and lifetime
  • Colour - Dark Grey / Anthracite / Charcoal / Black
Product details

Midnight Slate Setts are ideal for creating winding and undulating pathways with rustic charm through the garden. These paving setts can also provide an attractive border to patio paving or driveways, adding contrast to a paved area.

Midnight Slate Setts
Midnight slate is a superb choice for anyone who needs hard-wearing natural stone for their block paving. This slate has dark blue highlights with natural black undertones which create a sleek and elegant tone to any project. They have a riven surface for an aged, traditional look and feel that is common to slate. Slate has the benefit of being better resistant to water damage, and will endure extremes of weather all year round.

Sett Characteristics
These setts are riven which means they have been hewn to create ridges along the surface. They have been cut to 100 x 100 mm with a depth of 18-30mm. Sawn edges allow for a more uniform laying pattern. Slate is a natural stone which means that each sett benefits from unique patterns and colours. They are among the most durable of natural stones, and can withstand heavy footfall.

Paths and Decorative Paving
The natural beauty of slate is that it holds its colour well and undergoes very little deterioration with use. This makes them excellent for garden paths and garden features that require durable decorative setts. The dark blues and blacks of these setts make them a great choice for elements that call for high contrast block paving.

Borders and Edging
These setts would be ideal in applications that require distinctive framing and zoning. Borders and edges are frequently created using contrasting colours, and the black slate would work well to frame light coloured stone blocks.

Low porosity
As a metamorphic rock, slate has exceptionally low porosity, hence why it is often used for roof tiles. As flooring, it means that it is not as prone to weather damage as some other natural stone and requires very little maintenance.

Installation Notes
These sandstone setts should be laid on a full bed of mortar (5:1 cement mix) and we recommend either priming slurry or an SBR additive are used to aid bonding. The mortar bed (laying course) should be 50 mm in depth and should sit on a 100 mm sub-base (150 mm for driveways) of compacted MOT Type-1 hardcore. Pointing can be done with mortar, but we recommend using a expoxy based jointing compound (such as Pointfix) as this will be quicker, easier and offer better performance and longevity.

  Mini Pack 500 Pieces (100 x 100 x 18-30 mm) Single Size Pack 1000 Pieces (100 x 100 x 18-30 mm)
No. of Pieces 500 1000
Pack Coverage (m²) 5.5 11
Range Stone Setts Stone Setts
Prod Type Stone Block Paving Stone Block Paving
Material Slate Slate
Finish Riven Riven
Finish (Edge) Tumbled Edge Tumbled Edge
Colour Black Black
Colour Group Black Black
Dimension (W) 100 100
Dimension (H) 100 100
Dimension (D) 18-30 18-30
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents M/PACK H/PACK
Pack Sold As Mini Pack Single Size Pack
Pack Description

100 x 100 Qty 500

100 x 100 Qty 1000

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