Single Size Pack 317 Pieces (215 x 100 x 50-70 mm)

5m2 / 317 Pieces
Per m² face £165.99 per m²inc VAT £138.32 per m²ex VAT
£829.95inc VAT £691.62ex VAT
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Single Size Pack 238 Pieces (290 x 100 x 50-70 mm)

5m2 / 238 Pieces
Per m² face £165.99 per m²inc VAT £138.32 per m²ex VAT
£829.95inc VAT £691.62ex VAT
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1 x Sample

0.02m2 / 1 sample
Per m² face £299.50 per m²inc VAT £249.58 per m²ex VAT
£5.99inc VAT £4.99ex VAT
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Product Summary

Cotswold Stone Cottage Walling is a light yellow natural sandstone walling block with textured surfaces and softly tumbled rounded edges for a classic/traditional rustic country cottage look and feel.

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Key features

  • Garden Walling - These natural sandstone blocks are ideal for cottage garden walling
  • Styling - tumbled edges for rustic / bucolic look and feel, with a texture finish expected with traditional cottage walling
  • Variety - As a natural product with a rustic aesthetic each stone is unique in colour, pattern and finish
  • Applications - Traditional cottage garden boundary walls, features and retaining walls
  • Durable - Sandstone is hardwearing and long lasting
  • Provenance - Sustainably sourced and ethically quarried under the ETI Base Code.
  • Colour - Cotswold is light golden, creamy / wheat type stone with the fine particulate highlights in greys and rust orange
Product details

Cotswold Garden Walling

Cotswold Tumbled Walling has been designed specifically with garden aesthetics in mind, offering the rustic charm and beauty of natural stone to your garden walling. This stone block walling is part of Pavestone’s Cottage Range which was conceived to meet the needs of many rural properties, where the bucolic looks of weathered soft stone are synonymous with cottage gardens and British pastoral landscapes.

Soft “Old World” Rustic Appearance

These stone walling blocks have been riven from sandstone and have been tumbled to provide soft edges so they have the appearance of older, weathered stone.


Cotswold Tumbled Walling light yellow/wheat coloured and features flecks and seams of light greys, golden yellow and buff.

Cotswold Stone

Cotswold Tumbled Walling is selected from Pavestone’s sandstone quarries to colour-match traditional local Jurassic limestone of the Cotswolds Hills (predominantly in Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire). This sandstone provides a cost-effective alternative to Cotswold stone whilst closely matching its looks, feel and colouring and still providing the longevity and durability of natural stone.


These stone walling blocks can be used in a variety of garden walling and feature applications where traditional country cottage aesthetics are required.

Boundary Walls - Cotswold Tumbled Walling natural stone blocks are perfect for boundary walls for the perimeter of your property or for dividing up sections of your garden with beautiful rustic charm.

Retaining Walls & Raised Beds - give your raised flower beds and retaining walls some real character with this walling.

Garden Features & Follies - given their rustic/bucolic appeal, these walling stones are perfect for creating garden features and follies and work perfectly with the matching stone found in Golden Fossil paving slabs and feature circles.

  Single Size Pack 317 Pieces (215 x 100 x 50-70 mm) Single Size Pack 238 Pieces (290 x 100 x 50-70 mm) 1 x Sample
No. of Pieces 317 238 1
Pack Coverage (m²) 5 5 0.02
Range Cottage Cottage Paving
Prod Type Stone Walling Stone Walling Sample
Material Sandstone Sandstone Sandstone
Finish Textured Textured N/A
Finish (Edge) Tumbled Tumbled N/A
Colour Light Golden Light Golden N/A
None Buff Buff
None 215 290
None 100 100
None 50-70 50-70
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents 215 x 100 x 40/70 290 x 100 x 40/70 Sample
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack Single Size Pack Sample
Pack Description

215 x 100 Qty 317

290 x 100 Qty 238

1 x sample

Pieces Description Pieces Pieces sample

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