Contractor Pack 40 Pieces (Mixed Sizes)

9m2 / 40 Paving Slabs
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Garonne Abbey 600 x 450

6.56m2 / 24 Paving Slabs
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Garonne Abbey 600 x 600

8.43m2 / 23 Paving Slabs
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1 x Sample

0.02m2 / 1 sample
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Product Summary

Garonne Abbey Decorative Concrete Paving - This cream concrete paving slab has a realistic lightly riven surface and antique weathering for a classic look that emulates flagstones of found in rustic and bucolic properties across south-west France, from Toulouse to Bordeaux along the Gannoe valley.

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Key features

  • Antique Paving - decorative concrete flagstone paving with antique weathered / worn aesthetics
  • Period Aesthetics - An authentic reproduction of fine antique paving flags from a bygone era
  • Premium Range - this is product is designed to provide great performance at a competitive price
  • Durable - concrete is less susceptible to weathering than natural stone, with less chance of it aging and changing in appearance
  • Traditional Gardens - ideal for older building and period homes
  • Colour - Cream / Light Gold
Product details

Antique Flagstone Paving

There are many period and traditionally styled homes, properties and gardens in Britain that require congruous and compatible traditional “antique” paving in keeping with their aesthetic. Garonne Abbey decorative concrete paving slabs have been specifically designed to offer an authentic reproduction of fine French antique paving flags from a bygone era.

Garonne Flagstones Colouring

With its cream/light beige colouring and stone-effect lightly riven surface, this paving emulates the characteristics of the flagstones that are found in the Garonne valley and Acquitaine, of rustic south-west France. The distinctive worn antique appearance and shades complement many period properties and are perfect for use in any traditional and bucolic garden setting.

Weathered Look & Feel

Finding aged and weathered flagstone paving can be time-consuming and very costly. Garonne Abbey flagstones provide you with exactly what you are looking for - with the right colouring, weathering and visual characteristics of well-worn and aged antique paving. This predictability and specificity in the aesthetic properties mean your project is going to save an awful lot of time and money getting what you know will work.

Garonne Abbey paving has tapered and rounded edges emulating antique paving. It has a simulated smoothed slightly riven and pitted finish to capture the aesthetic of ageing and weathering.

Sourcing Antique Flagstones

Reclaimed flagstones can, and often do, look spot on. But, if you don’t have enough of them or they are from multiple sources and don’t quite match, you could run into difficulties. This is exactly the sort of project Garonne Abbey was designed to solve. Its consistent and scaleable look and feel (in the volumes you might need), means days saved trying to source and match materials. As well as helping save money when sourcing materials, Garonne Abbey is competitively priced too, so you’ll be saving on two counts by choosing them.

Flagstone Size-Format & Pack Options

Garonne Abbey is available in four flagstone formats and comes in in a contractor pack format of mixed sizes:

Flagstone Sizes

  • 300mm x 300mm
  • 600mm x 300mm
  • 600mm x 450mm
  • 600mm x 600mm

We also offer a similar style product in a Yorkstone style grey-green colour - Tanners Mill.

Free Help & Advice

If you would like any advice or help regarding Garonne Abbey and paving for traditional/antique projects please don’t hesitate to give our team a call or drop us a line.

Concrete Curing & Installation

Concrete flags are not fully cured when you install them. The curing process can take many years to complete. Therefore, there are a few precautionary steps you need to take to ensure that differential curing (varying rates of curing) are avoided. Most of these step involve ensuring that water, moisture and damp are not adversely effecting the slabs.

  • Use a full bed of mortar on the laying course
  • Ensure that the bedding mortar of the laying course is not too wet to avoid excessive moisture transfer
  • Use either an SBR bond in the bedding mortar or priming slurry on the backs of the concrete flags to help avoid moisture transfer to the slabs from the bedding layer
  • Ensure the paving has sufficient drainage and an appropriate fall/gradient, so surface water can run off the paving to avoid standing water
  • Use an appropriate jointing compound that is waterproof to prevent water entering the joints of the paving.

By taking these steps, you can help avoid some of the potential causes of differential curing/weathering with concrete flags.

Laying Advice

To install and lay concrete patio paving slabs, you'll need to do the following steps:

  1. Measure up and mark out your patio - ensure you calculate both 1) area in square metres (m2)  and 2) the fall (slope) required for drainage.
  2. Dig out the patio area to create the substrate (220 -230 mm depth).
  3. Lay the sub-base of MOT Type-1 hardcore (compacted & 150 mm depth).
  4. Ensure you mix and blend the various paving packs to ensure that any potential colour variation in manufactured batches are not discernable
  5. Coat the slabs' underside with priming slurry to improve their bond and help prevent moisture transfer. As concrete is porous, priming slurry will help protect the slabs from moisture transfer and capillary action from beneath the flags.
  6. Trowel-in and lay a bedding course of mortar mix (50 mm depth) immediately prior to laying each slab. Make sure this mix is not too wet to avoid moisture transfer to the flags.
  7. Lay the paving slabs on to the mortar bed and tamp down. Ensure you leave the desired joint spacing between the slabs and the slabs are “level” to the fall.
  8. Leave to set for 24 hours, so the mortar mix can cure enough for you to walk on the flags.
  9. Fill the joints between the paving with an epoxy based waterproof jointing compound. This will prevent water ingress between/under the concrete flags.
  10. Optional: protect your paving by sealing the slabs with a purpose made sealant (natural finish or colour enhancing).

To calculate the areas of paving in square-metres (m2), the amount of sub-base hardcore or the amount of sand and cement you'll need for the mortar mix bedding course, please refer to our paving calculators.

For the full step-by-step guide with videos for each step, see our How to Lay Patio Paving Slabs article.

Care & Maintenance

Concrete is a porous material and contains tiny capillaries and micro-fissures throughout its structure. Consequently, concrete paving is susceptible to water-based chemical erosion (acidic corrosion), physical erosion (frost action), and from staining from waterborne grime, salts and other mineral and particulate deposits. Therefore, as the UK has high winter humidity (generally 80-90%) and damp conditions are the norm, we recommend that you help protect and elongate the life of your paving by sealing the slabs against the water/damp based issues. Our impregnating sealers are designed to enter the capillaries and micro-fissures in the slabs, blocking those spaces to prevent water entering the paving.

  1. Natural finish sealer
  2. Colour enhancing sealer

In addition to sealing the slabs, we recommend ensuring you brush away leaves, dirt and other detritus regularly, especially in the autumn and winter when leaves, twigs, seeds and other windfall materials are likely to fall on your patio. If left on your paving, especially if damp, and worse still, allowed to rot down and become mulch-like, your paving will almost certainly acquire brown stains from the release of tannins from the windfall materials (think a used tea bag left on a kitchen counter for a model of what will happen).

As well as brushing off dirt and windfall materials, give your patio a hose down with water every so often. Use a low-pressure hose or keep any jet-wash far enough away from the slabs to ensure you don't damage them with the high-pressure water jet. For more stubborn stains and the build-up of grime, we recommend using a specialist non-acidic patio cleaner.


  Contractor Pack 40 Pieces (Mixed Sizes) 1 x Sample Garonne Abbey 300 x 300 Garonne Abbey 600 x 300 Garonne Abbey 600 x 450 Garonne Abbey 600 x 600
No. of Pieces 40 1 46 25 24 23
Pack Coverage (m²) 9 0.02 4 4.46 6.56 8.43
Range Premium Concrete Paving Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete
Prod Type Concrete Paving Slabs Sample Concrete Paving Slabs Concrete Paving Slabs Concrete Paving Slabs Concrete Paving Slabs
Material Concrete Sandstone Concrete Concrete Concrete Concrete
Finish Light Textured N/A Light Textured Light Textured Light Textured Light Textured
Finish (Edge) Tapered / rounded N/A Tapered / rounded Tapered / rounded Tapered / rounded Tapered / rounded
Colour Cream N/A Cream N/A N/A Cream
Colour Group White White White
Dimension (W) Varies 300 300 450 600
Dimension (H) Varies 300 600 600 600
Dimension (D) 40 40 40 40 40
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents C/PACK Sample 300 x 300 600 x 300 600 x 450 600 x 600
Pack Sold As Contractor Pack Sample Single Size Pack Single Size Pack Single Size Pack Single Size Pack
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1 x sample

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600 x 450 Qty 24

600 x 600 Qty 23

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