Single Size Pack 317 Pieces (150 x 150 x 60 mm)

7.13m2 / 317 Blocks
Per m² £82.99 per m²inc VAT £69.16 per m²ex VAT
£591.72inc VAT £493.10ex VAT
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Product Summary

Oceania Cobblesett Block Paving - This deep blue & grey block paving has a light textured surface & tumbled edges for a classic look. These blocks are the quintessence of elegance and functionality in paving, and bring a unique charm to domestic and light commercial driveways and parking areas. They are versatility and allows for a seamless transition from utility to aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both practicality and visual appeal in their paving solutions.

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Key features

  • Driveway Paving - Pavesett block pavers are ideal for driveways due to the size, thickness and compression performance
  • Garden Paving - Pavesett blocks are great for garden patios and terraces, paths, edging and patterning
  • Style - timeless traditional square 150mm x 150mm paving cobbles, rustic in appearance with tumbled edges
  • Strength - These paving cobbles have superb strength and compression properties
  • Durable - designed for driveway paving these cobbles are hard waring and durable
  • Finish - textured surface with tumbled edges to give them a traditional cobble stone feel
  • Value - long-lasting and generally more cost-effective than their natural stone equivalent.
  • Options - Available as pack of 476 pieces
  • Colour - blue / grey
Product details

Cobblesett Block Pavers

Timeless paving cobbles, rustic in appearance with a blend of colours. Oceania Cobblesett Block paving elevates and enhances paved areas to an unsurpassed level of character and distinction. These blocks are ideal for driveway paving projects and are suitable for both domestic and light commercial vehicle parking.

Driveway Paving Applications

The Cobblesett Oceana range excels in driveway applications. Its robust design can effortlessly withstand the rigours of daily traffic, making it a reliable choice for driveways. The blocks align seamlessly, providing stability and longevity, ensuring your driveway remains functional and attractive for years to come.

Garden Paving Applications

Beyond driveways, these paving blocks beautifully enhance garden paths and patios. Their tone and texture blend harmoniously with outdoor environments, creating inviting walkways and elegant outdoor living spaces. Whether used for a quaint garden path or a spacious patio, Cobblesett Oceana adds a touch of sophistication.

Rumbled Blocks - Traditional Appearance

Each block is carefully rumbled to achieve an aged, traditional look. This process imparts a distinct character to the paving, reminiscent of historic cobblestone streets. The time-worn appearance adds a nostalgic charm to modern landscapes, making each installation uniquely picturesque.

Durable & Strong

Crafted from high-quality concrete, these paving blocks boast exceptional durability. Their strength ensures they can withstand heavy loads and resist wear and tear, making them an ideal long-term investment for both residential and commercial properties.

Colour & Aesthetics

Cobblesett Oceana blocks exhibit a captivating blend of blue and grey hues, intermingling to create a visually stunning surface. These subtle tones vary in intensity, creating a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing effect that complements a wide range of architectural styles.

Ease of Installation

Designed with ease of installation in mind, these unbound concrete blocks allow for a straightforward laying process. Their uniform size and shape enable quick and accurate placement, making the installation process less time-consuming and more efficient. Whether for a DIY project or a professional installation, Cobblesett Oceana ensures a hassle-free experience.

No. of Pieces 317
Pack Coverage (m²) 7.13
Range Cobblesett
Prod Type Concrete Block Paving
Mini/Split Available Yes
Material Concrete
Finish Textured
Finish (Edge) Tumbled
Colour Blue
Colour Group Blue
Dimension (W) 150
Dimension (H) 150
Dimension (D) 60
Interior / Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents 150 x 150
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack
Pack Description

150 x 150 Qty 317

Pieces Description Blocks

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