1 x Sample (200 x 100 mm Slip)

0.02m2 / 1 sample
Per m² face £299.50 per m²inc VAT £249.58 per m²ex VAT
£7.99inc VAT £6.66ex VAT
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Single Size Pack 150 Pieces (600 x 150 mm) - 90 Linear Metres

90 metres / 150 Pieces
Per linear metre £12.99 per metreinc VAT £10.82 per metreex VAT
£1,169.10inc VAT £974.25ex VAT
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Product Summary

Rustic Garden Edging in Raj Natural Stone  - This edging is a light brown natural sandstone coping with grey & green highlights. It has a light textured surface & tumbled edges to give it a timeworn and rustic aesthetic, ideal for border and pathway edging in cottage gardens and period homes.

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Key features

  • Rustic Charm - these stones have been tumbled to give them a timeworn rustic charm in keeping with cottage gardens and period homes
  • Indian Sandstone - these edging stones are quarried from high-quality Indian sandstone and selected by our expert masons
  • Natural Stone - each stone offers has a unique pattern and character
  • Complete the Look - finish off your garden beds and borders in style with these charming rustic edges
  • Edging - suitable for garden pathways, garden borders and lawn edging.
Product details

Garden Edging

Like most objects we design, use or build with, garden edging has two roles - form (its aesthetics, appearance and character) and function (the practical things it does). 

Form - garden edging provides a visual delineation between areas of your garden such as lawns, borders, pathways, seating areas, patios, etc and accentuate those different areas whilst also providing a unifying character between the different garden spaces. So from a garden design viewpoint, edging may both delineate areas and unify them simultaneously, helping to create a cohesive overall aesthetic. 

Function - from a practical point-of-view, edging keeps things separated! Edging ensures your lawn does not start encroaching into your borders or soil or mulch from your garden beds does not end up on your lawn. Edging will help prevent errant lawnmowers from trimming your prized border plants and keep shingle, gravel and chippings on your paths and off your beds or lawns.

Rustic Character

These edging stones have been calibrated to provide flat smooth surfaces on their main face, but have hand-cut and tumbled edges to provide a rustic timeworn charm, making them perfect for cottage gardens, country homes and period townhouses.

Lawn Edging & Garden Borders

These edging stones are ideal for lawn edging and garden borders and keeping these areas separated from one another. Each stone is 600mm in length making them easy to set and lay. 

Pathways & Seating Areas

This edging works well keeping your shingle, chippings or gravel on the path and not spilling onto surround areas of your garden. Likewise, it is great for keeping shingle, chippings or gravel contained within seating areas or around garden features.

Indian Sandstone

This edging has been hand-selected and quarried from high-quality Indian sandstone. It is hewn, hand-cut, tumbled and calibrated by our expert quarry team and masons to create a beautiful and charming product that will help you get the right look and feel for your garden.

  Single Size Pack 150 Pieces (600 x 150 mm) - 90 Linear Metres 1 x Sample (200 x 100 mm Slip)
No. of Pieces 150 1
None 90
Range Pavestone Paving
Prod Type Stone Edging Sample
Material Sandstone Sandstone
Finish Light Textured N/A
Finish (Edge) Tumbled N/A
Colour Brown N/A
None Brown
Dimension (W) 600 200
Dimension (H) 150 100
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents 600 x 150 Sample
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack Sample
Pack Description

600 x 150 Qty 150 (90 Linear Metres)

1 x sample

Pieces Description Pieces sample
Pack Coverage (m²) 0.02

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