Pointfix Compound
Pointfix Compound

All Weather Epoxy Jointing Compound

  • Use even when wet
  • No specialist tools
  • Fast application
  • No waste - only mix what you need
  • Simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • Quick curing
  • Non staining
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces even when raining
  • Prevents weed growth
  • Pet friendly

For additional technical information, please refer to the label on the reverse of the Pointfix tub

Available in 5 colours
Pavestone Pointfix comes in five shades to perfectly complement any paving colour. The 50/50 mixing ratio means you only need to mix what is needed, cutting down on waste.

Pointfix equal measures

Step 1. Open both packs & measure equal quantities of each.

Mix 50/50 Ratio

Step 2. Mix the 50/50 ratio until uniform in colour.

Sprinkle Pointfix mixture

Step 3. Sprinkle Pointfix mixture over the area to be pointed.

Brush into gaps between paving

Step 4. With a soft brush/broom, push Pointfix mixture into the gaps.

Compact firmly into joints

Step 5. Compact the surface to give it a clean flat finish.

Refill if necessary with small soft brush

Step 6. Refill, if necessary, using a small soft hand brush.

Compact surface for clean flat finish

Step 7. Compact firmly into joints using a jointing tool.

Brush off any excess

Step 8. Finally, brush off any excess, sit back and enjoy your patio!