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600 x 600 Paving Slabs: Brown

We offer a wide selection of 600mm x 600mm paving slabs and patio flagstones available in sandstone, limestone, porcelain, concrete, slate and granite. Whether you're looking for a traditional or rustic natural stone aesthetic, or an ultra-modern contemporary high-performance porcelain our range of 600 x 600 slabs will give you plenty of options.

600 x 600 Paving Slabs
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600 x 600 Slabs

The 600 series paving format is very popular with landscapers as it is often easier to calculate and work with than 560 series slabs, with simpler calculations and fewer stones needed to be laid to cover the same area.

At the heart of the 600 series paving is the 600 x 600 mm slab. This format is very popular with both landscapers and homeowners. Landscapers like 600 x 600 slabs because they are not too big and can be lifted and laid without needing a second pair of hands. Their uniform size also makes calculations and laying patterns a simpler affair, with less material wastage and off-cuts required.

For homeowners, 600x600 slabs offer many advantages too - the choice of materials (sandstone, limestone, granite, slate, concrete and high-performance porcelain), variety of styles and colours, availability, cost of the slabs and installation costs.

600 x 600 Concrete

With 600 series format being the main ones seen in natural stone, concrete paving has logically tended to follow this format too - so 600x600 concrete slabs are probably the most common concrete paving slab size available and will offer the widest choice of styles and colours.

600 x 600 Porcelain

As the newest kid on the block, high-performance porcelain paving has followed the industry standard and many 600x600 porcelain slabs are available in a variety of styles and colours. Vitrified porcelain is non-porous and very hard wearing and durable, being abrasion and stain-resistant, and resistant to freeze-thaw cycles than can weaken stone and concrete over time.