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Brown Sandstone Brindle Block Paving

Brindle Block Paving
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Choose the right brindle block paving for your driveway or garden

These red/grey, red/brown, red/orange. terracotta and brindle pavers have been selected by us to ensure you have the perfect block paving product for your project requirements.

Tumbled Brindle Block Paving

Tumbled concrete paver provide the character and feel of a slightly weathered, time-worn look. This makes them great for older, more traditional properties or rustic settings and country gardens. So if you need brindle block paving with a little more charm, these could be just right for you.

Standard Brindle Block Paving

For clean lines and an ordered aesthetic, brindle standard block paving with is straight "split" profile will give your driveway that smart kerbside appeal. These blocks are ideal for regular and geometric laying patterns (basket weave & herringbone).

Permeable Brindle Block Paving

If you don't want to use underground drainage and soak-away crates to ensure your driveway paving surface water is retained within your boundaries, then consider permeable block paving that lets the water soak-away under the driveway directly.

Natural Stone Brown/Red Blocks

If you want to use natural stone for your driveway or paving project, and need earthy browns, tans and greys, then Raj Blend Setts are worth considering.

What is the colour brindle?

Brindle is a blend of brick-reds, browns and a few greys, and sometimes orange blocks. The name derives from a type of coat-colouring pattern in animals. This coat pattern is akin to mottled tiger-stripes with irregular spots and marks. This makes it an apt name for this mix of colours that provides a somewhat random, almost organic blend of hues when the brindle blocks are laid in your driveway or garden.

Help & Advice

If you have any questions about what type of brindle block paving is most suitable for your project's needs, then please don't hesitate to contact our team for free and friendly advice.