Off-White Apex Pier Caps

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Off-White Apex Pier Caps - This off-white concrete pier cap has a smooth surface & adds the finishing touch to your walling.

Apex Pier caps add that all important finishing touch to your garden or driveway walls. Our range of pier caps are extactly what you need. They are available in various colours and sizes and are made from the finest quality materials available.

  Apex Pier Caps Off-White 280 x 280 Apex Pier Caps Off White 380 x 380
Range Pier Caps Pier Caps
Product Type Pier Caps Pier Caps
Colour White White
Material Concrete Concrete
Finish Smooth Smooth
Finish (Edge) Straight Straight
Dimension (W) 280 380
Dimension (H) 280 380
Pack Contents 280 x 280 380 x 380
Pack Description

280 x 280 Qty 30

380 x 380 Qty 15

No. of Pieces 30 15
Pieces Description Pier Caps Pier Caps