White Limestone (20mm) - BULK BAG (850kgs approx)

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Product Summary

Our white limestone chippings are graded at 20mm and are suitable for a variety of landscaping and gardening applications. They are ideal for creating surfaces for pathways and domestic driveways, for decorative garden borders, planter topping, and for use as part of your drainage solution (e.g. surrounding and supporting underground perforated drain pipes or as the infill for drainage channels and soakaways).

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Key features

  • Natural light grey stone - White Limestone chippings are made from natural stone
  • Locking stones - these angular chippings tend to "lock" with each other when compressed giving improved stability
  • Washed aggregate - without "fines" and smaller particulates these chippings it can be used for applications drainage and uninterrupted water flow are needed
  • Grade: 20mm - these stone chippings are mechanically graded to 20mm
  • Bulk Bag - 850kg Minimum Weight (up to 1000kg) delivered on a pallet
  • Driveways & Garden Paths - This aggregate is ideal for driveways and garden paths
  • Borders & Beds - great for garden borders and beds provide aesthetics covering, plant frost protection and help suppress weeds.
  • Specification - BS EN 1260
Product details

20mm Grade White Limestone Chippings

This versatile and popular aggregate has many uses and applications for your garden and property:

  • Pathways
  • Driveways
  • Boarders
  • Planters and Plant Pots
  • Drainage Channels

850kg+ Bulk Bag

Our White Limestone Chippings are made from limestone (which is porous and therefore holds moisture/water within the stones themselves), so the weight of the bulk bag provided may vary depending on moisture levels of the aggregate - but the weight will always be at least 850kg.

"Locking" Angular Stone Chippings

The angular nature of these stone chippings means they "lock" in position and are much less likely to shift or move as one would find with rounded river-worn gravels and shingles. This makes them ideal for paths and driveways where their stability offers more assured footing than gravel.

Washed Aggregate

Because white limestone chippings are a washed aggregate without "fines" it can be used for applications where drainage and the flow and soaking of water around the stones without hindrance from smaller particulates is needed. This may include:

  • Plant pots base drainage - to help prevent your plant sitting directly in water and allow free drainage through the soil
  • Plant pot topping - provide aesthetic surface, proper drainage for plant irrigation and to help abate weed growth in the pot
  • French drains - used to fill the channel around a perforated drainage pipe providing support and stability
  • Patio borders - providing both aesthetic transitions and practical soakaway functions

Garden Landscaping

White Limestone chippings are a popular surface material for landscaping, not just for pathways and drives, but often as covering over planted areas and as part of ornamental features and designs.

Decorative Aggregate

This decorative aggregate is a natural product and suitable for a wide variety of landscaping and garden design uses. 

Bulk Bag Delivery

This aggregate is supplied in an 850kg bulk bag which is then placed on a pallet for delivery to your kerbside via our haulage partner. If you need it placed in a specific location (adjacent to the road) within your property, please contact us to get a quote for a Hi-ab crane delivery vehicle.

  • Standard - Pallet network kerbside delivery
  • Call to book - Hi-ab crane vehicle delivery
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