Staffordshire Pink Gravel (20mm) - BULK BAG (850kgs approx)

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Product Summary

Staffordshire Pink gravel (also known as Cheshire Pink) is a mix of quartzite stone rounded pebbles and angular chippings in pink and brown hues. This gravel will darken and the colours become more vivid when wet.  This aggregate is graded at 20mm and supplied in an 850kg+ bulk bag. Available UK mainland for pallet delivery.

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Key features

  • Pink Gravel - Staffordshire gravel is quartzite stone blend of rounded pebbles and angular chippings
  • Garden Beds & Borders - great as a topping material for beds and boards (providing insulation against frost damage, keeping weeds down and allowing proper drainage)
  • Planters & Pots - perfect for placing at the base of your pots or planters to allow proper drainage
  • Pathways - good for garden pathways, but may offer more movement and not "lock" like an angular chipping tye decorative aggregate
  • Driveway Covering - suitable as a driveway covering material with good compression and drainage properties
  • 850kg+ Bulk Bag - UK mainland pallet delivery
Product details

Staffordshire Pink Decorative Gravel

This decorative aggregate is a blend of pinks and browns and provides lovely soft and mellow hues that complement many natural stones and autumnal colours.

Driveway Gravel

These 20mm quartzite chippings and pebbles are well suited for domestic driveways, with good compression and drainage characteristics. Laying a driveway with 50mm depth of gravel would provide approximately 9.7m² coverage per bulk bag.

  • 9.7m² coverage per bulk bag at 50mm gravel depth

Garden Footpaths

As with driveways, Staffordshire Pink gravel is also suitable for garden footpaths, although the rounded pebbles in the blend, this will reduce the "interlocking" provided by aggregates with just angular chippings. So expect a bit more movement when used on pathways. Garden footpaths will generally have less gravel depth than a driveway so this will increase the coverage of this bulk bag (e.g. 16.2m² if the depth was 30mm).

  • 16.2m² coverage per bulk bag at 30mm gravel depth

Garden Design & Landscaping

This gravel is great for visually defining borders and breaking out your garden's spaces and areas. It can be used very effectively to highlight and emphasise garden features, drawing the eye where you want people's gaze to fall and allowing them to "see" the garden the way it was intended. 

Beds & Borders

Gravel can be added to garden beds and borders to provide two key functions; firstly it provides visual and aesthetic control to make plants and shrubs standout and liven up the "canvas"; secondly, it offers a more practical function, suppressing weed growth whilst providing good drainage.

Pots & Planters

Whether you use gravel as a topper in your planters and pots to help suppress weeds and provide a bit of visual oomph or you use it as a background canvas on which to place your planters and pots - gravel does make for a simple and effective means of providing a bit more visual appeal to your garden.

Water Features

This aggregate is fish/aquatic friendly and can be used both in and around your water features. Be aware that the vibrancy and colour of this gravel with be enhanced when wet.

Rockeries and Alpine Gardens

With its distinct mellow browny-pink hue this gravel can be used very effectively to create interesting and practical rockeries and alpine garden designs.

Decorative Aggregate

This decorative aggregate is a natural product and suitable for a wide variety of landscaping and garden design uses. 

Bulk Bag Delivery

This aggregate is supplied in an 850kg bulk bag which is then placed on a pallet for delivery to your kerbside via our haulage partner. If you need it placed in a specific location (adjacent to the road) within your property, please contact us to get a quote for Hi-ab crane delivery vehicle.

  • Standard - Pallet network kerbside delivery
  • Call to book - Hi-ab crane vehicle delivery
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