Contractor Pack 105 Pieces

22.05m2 / 105 pack
Per m² £39.99 per m²inc VAT £33.32 per m²ex VAT
£881.77inc VAT £734.81ex VAT
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Key features

  • Indoor Outdoor Living - walk from your kitchen or living room directly on to your terrace or patio as a seamless single floor / paving area
  • Style - mixed size contractor pack porcelain paving tiles with R11 anti-slip finish and straight edges
  • Durable - robust, durable, vitrified technology. Frost resistant, fade resistant, stain resistant, scratch & abrasion resistant
  • Low Maintenance - Once a year 1) sweep 2) apply soapy water 3) scrub the tiles 4) leave to dryit's that easy
  • Non-porous - the vitrified tiles are easy to clean, resistant to frost damage and resistant to staining
  • Slip-resistant - R11 anti-slip finish roughens the tile surface without changing its appearance giving good grip underfoot in damp and wet weather
  • Weather-proof - resistant to extreme heat, frost and raincommon causes of damage to standard paving
  • Keeps Its Colour - Unlike concrete and natural stone, porcelain is not affected (bleached) by sunlightso will not fade/weather

Sahara Nero is part of the Simply Porcelain range and offers all the benefits of high-performance porcelain paving at an affordable price. Sahara Nero comes as a mixed size contractor pack.

R11 Anti-slip Finish is the latest development to meet the growing demand for porcelain outdoor paving. This unique finish roughens the tile surface without changing its appearance giving good grip underfoot in damp and wet weather. 

Key features of Simply Porcelain paving are:

R11Anti-slip Finish.

Seasonal weather changes will not affect Simply Porcelain and will be not deteriorate in freezing weather conditions that can see some stone surfaces deteriorate gradually.


Simply Porcelain is resistant to acid and alkali chemicals such as fertilizers and lawn treatments. Moss and algae cannot get established as they can on stone or wood .

Simply Porcelain will not experience colour fading. Blacks will stay black, not turn to grey, light colours will stay faithful and will not turn grey/brown. In summary they will stay looking aesthetically as laid for many years with minimal cleaning maintenance.

Laying Advice

Sahara Nero should be laid using a 10mm joint.

Sahara Nero Laying Pattern

  1 x Sample Contractor Pack 105 Pieces
No. of Pieces 1 105
Pack Coverage (m²) 0.02 22.05
Range Paving Simply Porcelain
Prod Type Sample Porcelain Paving
Material Sandstone Porcelain
Finish N/A Smooth
Finish (Edge) N/A Straight
Colour N/A Black
Interior / Exterior Exterior Exterior
Pack Contents Sample C/PACK
Pack Sold As Sample Contractor Pack
Pack Description

1 x sample

600 x 600 Qty 35

600 x 295 Qty 35

295 x 295 Qty 35

Pieces Description sample pack
Colour Group Black
Dimension (W) Mixed
Dimension (H) Mixed
Dimension (D) 16

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