Scottish Cobbles (50-75mm) - BULK BAG (850kgs approx)

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Product Summary

Scottish Cobbles are stones graded between 50-75mm in size. Often referred to as river cobbles, they have been rounded through a natural water-erosion process to give them a smoother finish. Scottish Cobbles can be used to lay traditional cobblestone paving or used as a decorative landscaping material for alpine gardens, rockeries or more commonly water features, for which they have a natural affinity.

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Key features

  • Natural Stone Cobbles - 850kg+ bulk bag of river cobbles
  • Round and Smooth - These stones have been rounded and smoothed through natural water erosion processes
  • Cobblestone Paving - Can be used to create traditional cobblestone paving
  • Paving Fans & Swirls - The natural variation and rounded shape of these stone makes them ideal for decorative paving features
  • Water Features - River cobbles have the perfect aesthetic for water features such as basin of a cascade or on the edge of your pond
  • Garden Landscaping - These natural stone cobbles can be used in a multitude of decorative landscaping and garden design uses.
  • 850kg+ Bulk Bag - UK mainland pallet delivery
Product details

Cobblestone Paving

When used as a building material cobbles are usually referred to as cobblestones. Traditionally, cobblestones we used to create paving and roadways as their rounded exterior meant no stone dressing was needed to create a paved surface suitable for horse and carriage traffic (where the shape of the rounded cobbles offered better traction to shod horse too). Laid in a bed of mortar, these Scottish Cobbles can be used to restore or create traditional cobblestone paving.

Traditional Garden Paving

Historically, cobblestones (rounded river stones) were used in less prestigious, more rustic situations, where either the cost of dressed setts (square processed stone blocks) was prohibitive or traffic levels were not as high e.g. town centres and thoroughfares tended to see setts being used to pave the roads whereas outlying areas tended to see cobblestones used.

As cobblestones were comparatively more cost-effective than other paving options, this utilitarian paving tended to get used in more domestic landscaping such as garden paths, courtyards and garden features. So this makes these an ideal material when looking to pave parts of a traditional cottage garden.

Paving Motifs & Patterns

Because cobblestones are rounded and rarely sit flush when laid, they offer a large degree of flexibility in how they can be laid and the relative angles of the cobbles to each other. This freedom allows landscapers to introduce and range of patterns and motifs such as fans, swirls and waves, making them ideal for adding a bit of decorative flair.

Deterrent Paving 

Laid on end in your mortar bed with the "pointy" end up, cobblestones can also be used to create deterrent paving that discourages people to walk or stand in those areas.

Water Features & Landscaping

One of the common uses for cobbles in garden design and landscaping is as part of a water feature; as river cobbles, this is their natural origin. Whether you're building a natural pond or water garden, a stream or brook, a weir, cascade or waterfall, you'll find these cobbles and invaluable landscaping material to achieve the right look and feel.

  • Natural ponds & water gardens 
  • Streams and brooks
  • Waterfalls, weirs and cascades

River Cobbles

Scottish Cobbles have a charming rounded smooth finish that was created over thousands of years via the processes of water erosion (hydraulic action, abrasion, attrition and solution). This rounded character is what makes them so appealing and why they feel so appropriate when used in the landscaping of garden ponds and water features.

Decorative Aggregate

This decorative aggregate is a natural product and suitable for a wide variety of landscaping and garden design uses. 

Bulk Bag Delivery

This aggregate is supplied in an 850kg bulk bag which is then placed on a pallet for delivery to your kerbside via our haulage partner. If you need it placed in a specific location (adjacent to the road) within your property, please contact us to get a quote for Hi-ab crane delivery vehicle.

  • Standard - Pallet network kerbside delivery
  • Call to book - Hi-ab crane vehicle delivery
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