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Key features

  • Paving Installations - sharp sand is used for both paving slabs and block paving installations
  • Bedding Mortar - sharp sand provides strength and longevity to bedding mortar
  • Sand Screed - sharp sand provides stability, strength and drainage to sand screeds
  • Patio Slab - sharp sand is used to make the bedding mortar on which slabs/flags will be laid
  • Block Paving - sharp sand is used to create a sand screed on which the blocks will be laid (this is the only sand that should be usedyou cannot use building sand for a block paving sand screed)
  • Course - larger particulates than other construction sands
  • Strength - applications where more strength is required
  • Multiple uses - screeds & laying paving courses & general landscaping
  • Washed - Unwanted particles and silts removed from the sand and left to drain.

Sharp sand is a coarse sand with a particulate grade of 0.06mm to 2.0mm. If you are laying paving, whether that be paving slabs, flagstones, cobbles, setts or block paving, you are going to need sharp sand as either part of your bedding mortar or as a sand screed bedding course.

Our 850kg bulk bag of sharp sand is available for UK mainland kerbside delivery via pallet network. 

What is Sharp Sand?

Sharp sand (a.k.a. concrete sand, grit sand or river sand) is a coarse sand with larger particulates (0.06mm to 2.0mm) than say building sand. It is these larger particulates that give this sand the properties that make is so useful in landscaping and construction.

Sharp Sand is typically used where strength is required with less flexibility. It has multiple uses described below, and is one of a range of building aggregates stocked by Paving Direct.

Using Sharp Sand in Paving Installations

Use sharp sand when installing your paving project:

  • Paving Slabs - lay your slabs on a full bed of mortar, using sharp sand to make the bedding mortar
  • Block Paving - lay your blocks on a sand screed bed of sharp sand

Full Mortar Bed for Slab & Flagstones

Paving slabs should be laid on a full mortar bed. This provides greater physical stability, greater adhesion and prevents voids or gaps where damp and water will gather and stain or blemish your paving.

Your laying course bedding mortar should be made using sharp sand, usually a 5:1:1 or 6:1:1 ratio with cement and water to create a moist mix (barely or only just wet). Sharp sand is used for the mortar mix because it provides the following properties:

  • 'Low Salt' Content - helps prevent against weathering, erosion and efflorescence of the slabs.
  • Strength & Longevity - the coarser particulates in the mortar give it additional strength and prolong its life/cohesion
  • Bonding & Adhesion - sharp sand chemically bonds stronger when it has cured - however. remember to also always use a priming slurry to SBR bond to ensure proper adhesion of your paving

Sand Screed for Block Paving

The firmness and coarse particulates of sharp sand mean it is an ideal material to create a screed for block paving, providing a level even surface, strength and stability and importantly, good drainage. Typically 50mm of sharp sand is recommended for domestic driveways and other paving areas where you are installing block paving.  


The same properties of strength and adhesion that mean sharp sand is ideal for paving bedding mortar also make it the perfect material for render mix too.

Floor Screed

Sharp sand is often called concrete sand because it is used in many applications where a fine concrete mix is needed. A floor screed bed is a layer of concrete with a thin consistency, which is then poured over the base and 'Screeded' to provide a smooth surface that is flat. Most screed beds are made with a mix of sharp sand and cement.

Concrete & General Building

Sharp sand is the perfect addition to any mortar mix. A mortar mix is a mix of sand, cement & water. When adding sharp sand to a mortar mix, it increases the strength due to its low flexibility, larger surface areas, and also prevents cracking during the drying process.

Bulk Bag Delivery

Paving Direct supplies an 850kg bulk bag of sharp sand which is then placed on a pallet for delivery to your kerbside via our haulage partner. If you need it placed in a specific location (adjacent to the road) within your property, please contact us to get a quote for a Hi-ab crane delivery vehicle.

  • Standard - Pallet network kerbside delivery
  • Call to book - Hi-ab crane vehicle delivery

  Washed Sharp Sand BULK BAG (850kgs approx)
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