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Contractor Pack 48 Pieces (Mixed Sizes)

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Single Size Pack 30 Pieces (1200 x 600 x 25-40 mm)

30 Paving Slabs

21.9 m2

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Oxford Tudor Antique Paving - This brown natural sandstone paving slab with grey & green highlights has a time worn riven surface and tumbled edges.

Recreating the appeal of time-worn flagstones from previous centuries, Oxford Tudor Antique has been created to blend sympathetically with older properties and gardens where the design seeks to provide an established feel. Oxford Tudor Antique paving can also be used to great effect as an indoor flooring material.

  Tudor Antique Oxford Paving Slabs - Contractor Pack Tudor Antique Oxford Paving Slabs - 1200x600 Single Size
Material Sandstone Sandstone
Finish Riven Riven
Finish (Edge) Tumbled Edge Tumbled Edge
Colour Brown Brown
Range Tudor Antique Tudor Antique
Product Type Natural Paving Slabs Natural Paving Slabs
Dimension (W) Varies 1200
Dimension (H) Varies 600
Dimension (D) 25 - 40 25-40
Interior / Exterior Exterior / Interior Exterior / Interior
Pack Contents C/PACK 1200 x 600
Pack Sold As Contractor Pack Single Size Pack
Pack Coverage (m2) 15 21.9
Pack Description

900 x 600 Qty 13 600 x 600 Qty 13 600 x 290 Qty 13 290 x 290 Qty 9

1200 x 600 Qty 30

No. of Pieces 48 30
Pieces Description Paving Slabs Paving Slabs