Moodul Accessories Bench (Wooden 1195 x 450 x 40 mm)

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Moodul Walling Wooden Bench (1195 x 450 x 40 mm)

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Moodul Wooden Bench - This contemporary wooden bench is easy to install and move offering flexible seating options.

Moodul wooden bench and shelving accessories are made from ash wood which is heat-treated to a temperature of 215°C using a steam process to prevent the wood cracking or splitting as it weathers.This thermal treatment gives the wood the uniformity and durability of tropical hardwood and, over time, its warm hues can be preserved by varnishing or oil treating: alternatively untreated it will gracefully turn silver. We use ash because it's one of our fastest-growing native species unlike the slow-growing hardwood harvested from rainforest clearances. So Moodul is an environmentally friendly choice too.

Range Moodul Walling Accessories
Product Type Walling Accessories
Colour Grey
Material Wood
Finish N/A
Finish (Edge) Sawn Straight Edge
Dimension (W) 1195
Dimension (H) 450
Dimension (D) 40
Pack Contents 1195 x 450 x 40
No. of Pieces 1
Pieces Description pack