Moodul Accessories Shelf 595 x 300

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Moodul Walling Shelf (595 x 300 mm)

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Moodul Shelf - Heat-treated ash support with a 50kg maximum load capacity which can be attached anywhere on the wall.

Imagine using an outside wall just like a wall inside your home? With Moodul shelves and decorative bands, that's exactly what you can do. So it not only looks good but it is just as practical too.

Range Moodul Walling Accessories
Product Type Walling Accessories
Colour Grey
Material Wood
Finish N/A
Finish (Edge) Sawn Straight Edge
Dimension (W) 595
Dimension (H) 300
Pack Contents 595 x 300
Pack Description

595 x 300 Shelf

No. of Pieces 1
Pieces Description pack