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Product Summary

Hydro Brick Nuance is a range of 80mm permeable block paving designed for both domestic and commercial use and available in four colours (black, light grey, brown and terracotta). Permeable paving allows rainfall to soak through it and helps prevent surface run-off water, which has been identified as a significant contributor to environmental flooding.

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Key features

  • Permeable Paving - these paving blocks allow rainfall to drain between the bricks to naturally soak-away fulfilling source control criteria as part of Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS)
  • Prevent Surface Run-Off - helps prevent localised surface flooding when mains drainage becomes overwhelmed; it does this by keeping rainfall on your property where it will soak-away, rather than letting it run into the roads and drains
  • Driveways & Parking Areas Paving - designed specifically for driveways and parking areas
  • Domestic or Commercial Use - these 80mm depth blocks are strong, durable and suitable for both domestic and commercial parking areas and driveways
  • Avoid Planning Permission - if you are using permeable paving to pave your own domestic driveway or area at the front of your property, then you can do so without applying for planning permission
  • Environment & Sustainability - permeable paving should be considered by housebuilders and developers for both your Sustainable Urban Drainage plan and to ensure you're aligned with BREEAM advice to assist you with any planning application you're undertaking.
Product details

Driveways & Parking Areas Paving

These blocks have been designed specifically for paving driveways and parking areas. Hydro Block has been formulated to be hard-wearing and durable and is suitable for higher traffic levels and vehicle movements.

80mm Blocks - Domestic or Commercial Use

These Hydro Brick permeable block pavers have a depth of 80mm making them suitable for both domestic and commercial vehicle parking areas and driveways.

Prevent Surface Run-Off

Where possible, paving should always be laid with appropriate drainage and soak-away areas to prevent surface run-off entering mains sewers. Having the fall direct run-off into lawns, borders or soak-aways areas is preferred.

However, depending on your garden patio or driveway’s location and local environment, you might not easily be able to achieve this, and that is where permeable paving blocks play their role. They are designed to allow water to pass between the blocks and soak-away beneath your paved area. This allows rainfall to naturally soak into the ground and prevents it from running off into unwanted areas (such as the street at the front of your home) which could contribute to localised flooding during downpours.

Homeowners - Avoid Need for Planning Permission

Using permeable paving for driveways or paved areas at the front of your property will allow you to install it without requiring planning permission if you have no lawn areas or borders into which any run-off water can drain.

The UK Government changed planning regulations in 2008 following major flooding across the country the previous year. The Environment Agency conducted studies that showed that 66% of surface water flooding where the mains drainage was overwhelmed was caused by run-off rainwater from driveways and paved areas. To prevent this “flash flooding” phenomena, they introduced new planning guidance requiring the use of permeable paving where no run-off into lawns/borders was possible to prevent the water from reaching the street and mains sewers.

House Builders & Developers - Environment & Sustainability

These permeable paving blocks can be used to gain credit in your planning applications with regard to Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) considerations.

As part of the wider solution to Surface Water Flooding, the Government has made a series of changes to legislation, guidance and planning regulations. Flood and Water Management Act 2010 sets out the requirements of Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) in which a natural approach to managing drainage in and around properties and other developments is required. A key component of this is using permeable paving where no suitable soak-away area or mechanism on the property for that paving exists. This approach ensures that rainwater is able to naturally enter the ground on the property or site (source control) and soak into the ground without leaving the site.

Additionally, other soakaway/drainage mechanisms such as swales, soak-away channels and filter drains can be used to provide additional credit relating to (site control) as part of your SUDS considerations that will be assessed in your planning application.

No. of Pieces 432
Pack Coverage (m²) 5.79
Range Hydro Brick
Prod Type Concrete Block Paving
Mini/Split Available Yes
Material Concrete
Finish Textured
Finish (Edge) Straight
Colour Dark Orange
Colour Group Orange
Dimension (W) 200
Dimension (H) 80
Dimension (D) 67
Interior / Exterior Exterior
Style Contemporary
Pack Contents 200 x 67 x 80
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack
Pack Description

200 x 67 x 80 mm - Qty 432

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