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Key features

  • Flat Even Surfaces - this hardcore should be used to preparing an even surface for roads, driveways, paths or patios.
  • Sub-Base - MOT Type-1 Hardcore is used to construct the sub-base for patios, driveways and paths.
  • Paving Installations - this is the most commonly used granular sub-base material for building paving installations.
  • Backfilling - this aggregate is suitable for backfilling excavated areas.
  • DTp1 - Meets all Department of Transport specifications.
  • Bulk Bag - 850kg+ of aggregate

MOT Type-1 Hardcore is a construction aggregate used to build the sub-base for patios, driveways and pathways and is the most commonly used granular sub-base material for building paving installations.

Paving Installations

MOT Type-1 Hardcore should be used to construct the sub-base of your patio, driveway, pathway or any other paving installation where you need a flat, even and stable surface. For patios and paving, it is recommended that the sub-base be at least 150mm depth of compacted MOT Type1. Likewise, with domestic driveways, you should have a minimum of 150mm of compacted Type1.

  • Patio Sub-base - a minimum of 150mm compacted MOT Type1 Hardcore depending on ground conditions
  • Driveway Subbase - a minimum of 150mm compacted MOT Type1 Hardcore depending on ground conditions


An 850kg+ bulk bag of MOT Type 1 Hardcore will provide approximately 2.5m² coverage when compacted to a depth of 150mm.

  • 2.5m² coverage per bulk bag at 150mm compacted depth

What is MOT Type1?

MOT Type-1 Hardcore is the legacy name that everyone uses to describe DTp1 Hardcore, a construction aggregate specified by the Department of Transport for the construction of sub-bases for highways in the UK. Because this granular sub-base material is rated for road and highways building, it has naturally become the default go-to standard/specified hardcore for most construction projects including hard landscaping/paving.

Its grade is 40mm to dust, meaning the scalpings (stones/chippings) are up to 40mm in size with the fines/particulates blend going down to the size of dust (i.e. very fine). This combination of coarse to fine particulates is what makes this hardcore strong and stable once compacted - the finer particulates will fill the spaces (voids) between the larger scalpings, creating cohesion and stability.

Compacting Your Hardcore

For MOT Type 1 Hardcore to be effective as a stable, level and even sub-base for your paving installation it needs to be compacted, so the fine particulates and scalping are fully meshed and compressed and voids are filled. This can be done using either a roller (probably a good idea for long driveways or large parking areas) or more commonly with a compactor plate (usually called a wacker-plate or simply wacker). Wacker plates can be day-hired from most machine hire companies.

Construction Aggregate

MOT Type 1 is used for a variety of construction projects where either backfilling is needed or a sub-base is required. Typical applications for this hardcore aggregate are:

  • Backfilling - hardcore is used to backfill excavated areas
  • Sub-base - driveway
  • Sub-base - patio
  • Sub-base - shed / greenhouse
  • Sub-base - footpaths

Paving Direct have a range of landscaping and building aggregates available for delivery across the mainland UK that you will typically need for your paving installation.

Bulk Bag Delivery

This aggregate is supplied in an 850kg bulk bag which is then placed on a pallet for delivery to your kerbside via our haulage partner. If you need it placed in a specific location (adjacent to the road) within your property, please contact us to get a quote for Hi-ab crane delivery vehicle.

  • Standard - Pallet network kerbside delivery
  • Call to book - Hi-ab crane vehicle delivery
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