16m2 Mixed Size Stone Walling Blocks

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Product Summary

Add some rustic charm to your garden landscape with York Green Dry Fell Walling, a stunning blend of Rustic Fettled Natural Sandstone Walling Blocks. This Mixed Size Pack, covering approximately 16 face m², exudes timeless charm. Crafted for durability and aesthetic appeal, these blocks provide a versatile solution for various landscaping projects. York Green is a lovely mix of browns, greens, heather and greys.

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Key features

  • Rustic Charm - These fettled stones offer oodles of rustic charm and character, with variations in size, dressing and colour, to create a wonderful and eye-catching tapestry for your garden wall.
  • Natural Sandstone - this pack is made from natural sandstone, with each stone being unique and providing the randomness that makes nature truly beautiful.
  • Mixed Size Pack - this pack consists of stones that vary in length between 600 mm down to 150 mmwith a height range of 40-70 mm and depth of 100-115 mmallowing you to create a genuine rustic aesthetic.
  • Hand-Cut - these stones have been hand-cut by skilled masons to emulate the type of upland rural vernacular walling found across the UK.
Product details

The timeless elegance of York Green Dry Fell Walling, is a testament to the craftsmanship of the masons and the exquisite natural beauty of this stone. This Mixed Size Pack, covering approximately 16 face m², features Rustic Fettled Natural Sandstone Walling Blocks that add a touch of sophistication to any landscaping endeavour.

The distinctive appeal of York Green lies in its earthy hues, ranging from subtle greens to warm browns, creating a harmonious blend that seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings. These blocks are meticulously crafted to showcase the inherent beauty of natural sandstone, providing a rustic yet refined finish.

Ideal for a myriad of landscaping applications, the York Green Dry Fell Walling blocks serve as the perfect solution for creating captivating garden walls, retaining walls, and edging. Their mixed size pack offers versatility, allowing for creative freedom in design. Whether you're designing a quaint garden pathway or constructing a robust retaining wall, these blocks deliver both durability and aesthetic charm.

The inherent strength of natural sandstone ensures longevity, making York Green Dry Fell Walling a wise investment for projects that withstand the test of time and weather. The fettled finish adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your outdoor spaces.

From residential gardens to commercial landscapes, York Green Dry Fell Walling elevates the aesthetic quality of any environment. Embrace the charm of rustic elegance with these meticulously crafted sandstone blocks, and let your landscaping vision come to life with enduring beauty and unmatched versatility.

Pack Coverage (m²) 16
Range Clearance Stock
Prod Type Stone Walling
Mini/Split Available No
Finish Hand Cut
Finish (Edge) Hand Cut
Colour Grey / Brown
Colour Group Brown
Dimension (W) 150-600
Dimension (H) 40-70
Dimension (D) 100-115
Interior / Exterior Exterior
Style Classic
Pack Contents C/PACK
Pack Sold As Contractor Pack
Pack Description

Mixed Sizes - Approx 16m2

Pieces Description pack

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