Single Size Pack 300 x 300 mm (150 Pieces)

13.5m2 / 150 Paving Slabs
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Product Summary

Please Note: We are unable to sell any clearance products as split packs.

A clearance pack of Sap Green Slate Paving Slabs (300 x 300 mm) with light riven surfaces and sawn straight edges. These slabs are ideal for a small garden project. It comes in a single size pack with 13.5 m2 coverage.

  • 300 x 300 mm (150 Pieces)

Condition - please note some of these slabs have some small chips and marks on their edges, so may need to be cut for a clean profile on some slabs

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Key features

  • Natural green colouring - each of these slabs have their own unique green/blue colour pattern
  • Patio and paving - perfect for landscaping, terraces and paving
  • Versatile - can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Light riven surface - a light riven textured finish complements fine garden furniture and fittings without being rough on chair and table legs
  • Straight edged - cleanly cut to enhance a modern appearance and allow for close jointing
  • Hard wearing - naturally durable and tough, slate will last a long time
  • Naturally unique - each slate has its own distinctive quality which gives your flooring a natural aesthetic
Product details

These Sap Green Slate paving slabs, measure 300 x 300 x 20 mm and offer a versatile and visually striking solution for outdoor landscaping. Carved from natural sap green slate, these slabs display a distinctive greenish-gray hue reminiscent of tree sap. Their light riven textured surface, shaped by the stone's natural clefts and layers, introduces a rustic, organic quality. In terms of durability, these slabs are formidable, able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, and thus ideal for high-traffic outdoor spaces.

The versatility of these slate slabs extends to a range of landscaping projects, including patios, garden paths, walkways, and pool surrounds, their green colour complementing various garden designs. Installation demands meticulous groundwork preparation with a level, compacted surface. The slabs, when laid with narrow seams, can be filled with grout or jointing compound to complete the project.

Maintenance is relatively straightforward, requiring just regular sweeping and debris removal to ensure these slabs maintain their pristine appearance, with the occasional deeper clean with a jet washer. It's worth noting that each slab boasts unique variations in colour, texture, and veining, adding a touch of natural artistry and unique character to the outdoor landscape.

No. of Pieces 150
Pack Coverage (m²) 13.5
Range Clearance Stock
Prod Type Stone Paving Slabs
Mini/Split Available No
Material Slate
Finish Riven
Finish (Edge) Straight Edge
Colour Green
Colour Group Green
Dimension (W) 300
Dimension (H) 300
Dimension (D) 20
Interior / Exterior Exterior / Interior
Style Contemporary
Pack Contents 300 x 300
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack
Pack Description

300 x 300 Qty 150

Pieces Description Paving Slabs

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