Contractor Pack 62 Pieces (Mixed Sizes)

15.5m2 / 62 Slabs
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Key features

  • Patio Paving - These natural sandstone slabs are ideal for garden patios and terrace paving
  • Styling - the riven and tumbled pavers are ideal for cottage gardens, traditional or rustic property settings
  • Variety - Modak sandstone has variations in colour and patterning, so each flagstone is unique
  • Versatile - These classic sandstone pavers come in four different sizes, with matching circle features available
  • Durable - Sandstone is hard wearing and long lasting, and it is easy to clean and maintain
  • Stability - sandstone is less prone to thermal expansion/contraction cracks than concrete
  • Price - Modak is great value of money and cheaper than many concrete alternates
  • Provenance - Sustainably sourced and ethically quarried under the ETI Base Code.
  • Colour / Pattern - natural sedimentary patterned stone characterised by salmon, peach and tan colour variation


Modak 560 Series Sandstone Paving Slabs were part of the Pavestone Sandstone range. The project/contractor pack is made up of 62 pieces of mixed sizes (5 different sizes following a 560 series format). 

Modak provides soft warm colouring, with oranges, terracotta, dark golds and peach all blending to create a beautiful blend of natural stone hues and tones. The slabs are riven with tumbled edges to give them a more rustic and softer feel.

Natural Sandstone

Sandstone makes an ideal material for garden paving and patios because it is easy to cut and lay, whilst providing a long-term durable and hard-wearing surface that will last many, many years. It is strong and performs well under compression, so it does not have to be cut too thickly to allow you to live and walk on it - meaning you get good meter square (m2) coverage relative to weight/price of materials.

Patio Paving

Modak Classic Sandstone is ideal for patios and garden paving - its natural colouration, stability and texture means it is perfect for outdoor living areas where the family can get together to enjoy the garden and sunshine!


Modak Classic is calibrated - these paving slabs have been through a calibration process, so each slab is 22mm thick. This precision manufacturing will allow the slabs to be laid quicker and more efficiently as all depths are uniform.

Colour Blends

Part of the charm of natural stone slabs is that each one is coloured or patterned differently. The colour variation of natural stone will vary not just from stone to stone, but it will also appear differently in changing light and weather conditions, so you’ll be able to enjoy these fluctuations from season to season. Sandstone is naturally a little permeable, so in wet-weather, some of the surface water will be absorbed by the stone making the colouring appear much darker.

Unique Patterning

As with any natural product, quarried sandstone that has been riven, edge-cut and dressed into a slab will vary uniquely from paver to paver.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that was formed on ancient sea beds over many millions of years. Over that time, unique patterns and variations of sandy deposits on the seafloor were compressed under the weight of the sea and gravity to fuse and form these beautiful stones.

The colouring, flecks and patterns of these stones reflect their innate natural beauty.

Indian Sandstone

These pavers are quarried from the highest quality Indian sandstone, where our expert quarrymen select and cut the slabs. With their years of experience, our masons cut and shape the stone to exacting standards, so you can be assured you are getting the highest quality paving in each pack.

Care & Maintenance

Sandstone is permeable, which means it is not impervious to spills and weathering. Therefore, to better protect your stone we recommend using a natural stone sealant such as Pavestone Natural Finish Stone Sealer, a water-based impregnator that ensures protection against stains and facilitates everyday maintenance. 

No. of Pieces 62
Pack Coverage (m²) 15.5
Range Clearance Stock
Prod Type Natural Paving Slabs
Mini/Split Available No
Material Sandstone
Finish Riven
Finish (Edge) Tumbled Edge
Colour Orange
Colour Group Orange
Dimension (W) Varies
Dimension (H) Varies
Dimension (D) 22
Interior / Exterior Exterior
Style Classic
Pack Contents C/PACK
Pack Sold As Contractor Pack
Pack Description
  • 560 x 840 mm Qty 12
  • 560 x 560 mm Qty 12
  • 560 x 420 mm Qty 12
  • 560 x 275 mm Qty 13
  • 275 x 275 mm Qty 13
Pieces Description Slabs

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