Single Size Pack 100 Pieces (295 x 295 mm)

9m2 / 100 Paving Slabs
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Product Summary

Split Packs Unavailable - this is a clearance product, and we cannot split the pack down.

Black Limestone Paving - These 295 x 295 mm black natural limestone paving slabs have a light riven surface with traditional fettled (hand-cut) edges. 

When freshly quarried, black limestone is a dark grey colour. However, the pigment in the stone is susceptible to ultraviolet light and will fade with exposure to sunlight (sun bleaching). This will create a mellow, soft light grey stone over time if the stone is left unprotected against UV light. If you wish to preserve or enhance the dark pigment of black limestone, we recommend sealing with a UV protecting sealant such as:

  • Natural Finish Stone Sealer (freshly quarried look)
  • Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer (darker, wet looking finish)
  • Black Stone Sealer (jet black, very dark finish)

These slabs have been in the yard a while and will need a good clean.



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Key features

  • Patio Paving - These natural limestone slabs are ideal for garden patios and terrace paving
  • Classic Aesthetics - With their fettled edges, these paving slab have a traditional look and feel
  • Stunning Blue / Black - provides a beautiful aesthetic with natural dark tones and variation
  • Limestone - is an attractive, durable paving which features a softer riven relief in the surface
  • Natural Weathering - Black Limestone will mellow over time as the paving weathers to a stylish graphite grey. Should you wish to preserve the solid black colour of Black Limestone, then this can be achieved by sealing the paving flags with Pavestone black stone rejuvenator and sealer
  • Soft Riven Finish - Pavestone Limestone paving has an elegant soft riven finish, making it an ideal surface for patio furniture and the like to rest on
  • Slurry Primer - we recommend that a Slurry Primer should be applied to the underside of the paving to prevent salt staining from your base mortar
  • Sealant - if you want to avoid weathering / colour change, we recommend using Pavestone Black Stone Rejuvenator Sealer with black limestone products to protect their colour from sun-bleaching
Product details

Split Packs Unavailable - this is a clearance product, and we cannot split the pack down.

Black Limestone is a firm favourite amongst many Landscapers and homeowners. The performance and characteristics of limestone paving combined with the beautiful blue-black colouring make Black Limestone an easy choice for many paving projects.

Durable, Hard-wearing and Versatile

Limestone is very durable, making it ideal for garden and patio paving projects. It is slightly permeable, but water absorption tends to be limited, making limestone great for outdoor paving. Limestone offers flatter and smoother stone textures when compared to sandstone paving, with fewer ridges in its finish. Whilst being very durable and incredibly hard-wearing, actually, by masonry standards limestone is a “soft stone”, so it is easy to cut and lay - a property that makes this versatile material a go-to choice for many landscapers and builders.

Classic Style

This "Fettled" Black Limestone features hand-cut edges rather than sawn edges. This means that this paving will complement more traditional, classic and rustic gardens. Its black/dark grey hues offer a striking and stylish appearance to your garden, so combine with vibrant and verdant vegetation to contrast lust plant against the dark hard landscaping.

Soft Riven Finish

Limestone is an attractive and very durable paving material, which has a softer appearance than sandstone. Pavestone have dressed this paving with a variable soft riven finish. This means it feels more tactile and smoother underfoot, presenting an attractive surface on which to live when outside enjoying your patio or terrace.


No. of Pieces 100
Pack Coverage (m²) 9
Range Clearance Stock
Prod Type Stone Paving Slabs
Mini/Split Available No
Material Sandstone
Finish Light Riven
Finish (Edge) Hand Cut
Colour Dark Grey
Colour Group Black
Dimension (W) 295
Dimension (H) 295
Dimension (D) 20
Interior / Exterior Exterior
Style Contemporary
Pack Contents 295 x 295
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack
Pack Description

295 x 295 Qty 100

Pieces Description Paving Slabs

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