Mixed Size Pack (91 Pieces)

18.84m2 / 91 Paving Slabs
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Product Summary

Please Note: We are unable to sell any clearance products as split packs.

This clearance pack of Global Stone Artisan Serenity Mandana Honed & Sawn Indian Sandstone has a honed surface with a light texture and sawn straight edges for contemporary styled paving. There are a range of colour variations in any natural stone paving blend, with Artisan Serenity Mandana having a mix of beige, camel, buff, gold, honey, ochre, ecru, fawn and tan stones. All slabs are calibrated to 20 mm for ease of installation. This mixed size pack is in a 570-series format, consisting of 91 sandstone slabs:

  • 570 x 570 mm (Qty 20)
  • 570 x 432 mm (Qty 30)
  • 570 x 285 mm (Qty 20)
  • 285 x 285 mm (Qty 21)

Condition - these slabs were well covered, but may need some light cleaning.

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Key features

  • Natural stone paving - these sandstone slabs are ideal for patios and terraces that call for a natural look.
  • Honed surface - the honed and light texture finish gives these natural stone slabs a contemporary look and feel.
  • Unique - these sandstone slabs have been formed naturally, so each one has completely unique patterns and colour variation.
  • Sawn Edges - Ideal for a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Colours - Mandana is beige, camel, gold, honey, ochre, ecru, fawn and tan colour blends.
Product details

Please Note: We are unable to sell any clearance products as split packs.

Artisan Serenity Paving

Artisan Serenity paving is designed to provide a contemporary look and feel, utilising a natural sandstone material. It achieves this through the use of a more processed and engineered appearance, with the stones having a honed surface (light textured) and sawn straight edges. This manufactured finish juxtaposes nicely with the unique character and natural beauty of the stone.

The Serenity sandstone paving has a textured finish with sawn edges and with its cool tones make it ideal for contemporary garden designs. It has been shot blasted, which provides a tactile textured surface.

Colours vary in all natural stone products, all the images shown are as a guide only.

Natural Sandstone

As with any natural product, quarried sandstone that has been riven, edge-cut and dressed into a slab will vary uniquely from paver to paver.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that was formed on ancient sea beds over many millions of years. Over that time unique patterns and variations of sandy deposits on the seafloor were compressed under the weight of the sea and gravity to fuse and form these beautiful stones.

The colouring, flecks and patterns of these stones reflect their innate natural beauty.

Care & Maintenance

Sandstone is permeable, which means it is not impervious to spills and weathering. Therefore, to better protect your stone we recommend using a natural stone sealant such as Pavestone Natural Finish Stone Sealer, a water-based impregnator that ensures protection against stains and facilitates everyday maintenance.

Installation Advice

These slabs must be laid bound using a full mortar bed for the laying course (50 mm of 5:1 sharp sand mortar). We also recommend using a priming slurry to improve the bond to the laying course and to help prevent moisture transfer. Under the laying course, your sub-base should be 150 mm of compacted hardcore (Type 1 MOT). We recommend pointing the paving with a flexible jointing compound such as Pointfix.

Pointing your patio

Pointing your patio couldn’t be any easier! Gone are the days of time-consuming traditional pointing with sand and cement. Paving Direct recommends using a ‘Brush in Grout’ such as Pavestone Pointfix.

Pointfix is a two-part jointing compound. One pack contains epoxy resin within the compound and the other epoxy hardener. Mixing and applying Pointfix is much cleaner and easier than traditional sand and cement mortar, as you simply just mix the contents within the tub and brush into the joints.

Pointfix will provide pointing material for approximately 7.5m2 of standard jointed paving, so we recommend 2-3 tub for this paving pack.

No. of Pieces 91
Pack Coverage (m²) 18.84
Range Clearance Stock
Prod Type Stone Paving Slabs
Mini/Split Available No
Material Sandstone
Finish Riven
Finish (Edge) Hand Cut
Colour Golden
Colour Group Buff
Dimension (W) varies
Dimension (H) Varies
Dimension (D) 20
Interior / Exterior Exterior
Style Classic
Pack Contents C/PACK
Pack Sold As Single Size Pack
Pack Description

21no 285 x 285mm
20no 285 x 570mm
20no 285 x 570mm
30no 432 x 570mm
20no 570 x 570mm



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